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Get in Bed With Skynet

Futuristic Furniture Is On It’s Way

For those of us who live in a cramped apartment or smaller sized home, we soon will have the luxury of freeing up space literally. With new innovations, comes new designs and engineering. A...

Ghost of San Francisco

Haunting s of the Sutro Baths Ruins

Located along the westside of San Francisco, is an interesting yet rather bizarre location. Along the cliffside area, are the remains of what was known as the Sutro Baths Ruins. It is here, where...

Alien pod falls from LA police officers leg

Alien pod falls from LA police officers leg

While watching this video, things kept getting out of control for one man. He is seen driving around in a truck and knocks open several gates. During this police chase video, something quite bizarre...

Arianna hide and seek ghost

Ghost plays hide and seek with Daddy

This popular video has been floating around for years, leaving many wondering whether or not it is real. A man is playing hide and seek with his daughter Arianna in their San Diego, California...

UFOs comparable 1937 and 2017

UFOs spotted 80 years apart seem quite similar

People have their moments of clarity, in certain moments. This time, a man’s daughter caught quite a comparison from 1937, that looks quite similar to another photograph taken this year in 2017. Both of...