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Multiple Bundles Of Hair Were Found Around Santa Barbara

Talk about a hairy situation…likely this was an accident of sorts or a statement of some kind. An unexplained mystery has yet to be answered…as bundles of hair were scattered around Santa Barbara, California. Some of the locations where these bundles were found, were spread across different areas.  Among the locations included the Mesa Shopping

Californian Records Large UFO Hovering Over Menifee

It happened not long ago, but the footage was only recently uploaded. Seen in the night sky appears to be an unusual looking spacecraft. Many believe this is proof of a real extraterrestrial ship of some kind. Others think its a group of drones clustered together or lights being filmed from a reflected window.  It

Red-Eyed Gargoyle Witnessed Floating Along California Stream

It was around 10 years ago, when someone encountered something from out of the ordinary. The event took place alongside Uvas Creek located in California. During the time, this anonymous person said they were living in Gilroy, CA.  It was the later part of summer, when they heard screams coming further down the running stream.

Medic Defends Suicidal Patient From The Darkness

This incident took place back in Fresno County, California sometime in 2015. It was 3:00 AM and one medic with ALS (Advanced Life Support) was dispatched to what is known as a code 3 cardiac arrest. A 34 year old male, apparently attempted suicide by hanging them self. One local Sheriff was there at the

Descending Dark Humanoid Figure Filmed In California

This grainy footage, appears to show a dark humanoid figure descending over top of Burbank, California. The footage was captured recently by Pablo Morales. He went on to explain, that it was really cloudy outside and there was thunder earlier on the same day. While outside with his family, they soon noticed a dark figure