Red-Eyed Gargoyle Witnessed Floating Along California Stream

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It was around 10 years ago, when someone encountered something from out of the ordinary. The event took place alongside Uvas Creek located in California. During the time, this anonymous person said they were living in Gilroy, CA. 

It was the later part of summer, when they heard screams coming further down the running stream. Uvas Creek stretches about 30 miles south from Loma Prieta peak in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

This person said they were with friends and after hearing these screams, they began to investigate what was happening. The noise heard was a shrilling type scream as if something was being killed or was in severe pain. 

They were already planning to check on their neighbor’s tent where they were camping out at. When they arrived at the campsite, the tent was empty like it should be. They traced back along a trail to a more secluded spot. During the night hour this place gets dark and upon this night the moon was going to be full.

Gargoyle in the woods

Moments later, they heard a whooshing type sound coming from the air. They looked around to see what it might be. Behind the thick trees and shrubs was a gargoyle that appeared to be between 8 to 10′ feet tall.

It looked dark grey or black and its eyes were red colored. It’s skin resembled a rubber like surface. This creature was not flying but floating along the nearby stream ahead. 

It seemed as if this gargoyle didn’t noticed them. Thinking to themselves they thought “don’t look at me, don’t look at me.” They tried to remain still even though they were really frightened. One of their friends soon approached them and said, “What are you doing?’ they said, ‘come here, come here.’

The creature then kept floating along the next bend of the water and their friend named Rich managed to see the back of the creature and asked, ‘WTF was that?’ 

Since this incident, they have told people about it. Most everyone thought they were crazy as it is difficult to believe. Perhaps this was some kind of rubber motorized toy, lost in the water but maybe not.

After speaking with others they learned four other people have seen the same bizarre creature near the area as well. The creature seemed to flap its wings a few times to remain in the air for a short while. 

What was it doing here and what exactly was it are questions that have since remained unanswered. Their best guess was that this gargoyle type creature came to life like something out of a horror film. 

Gargoyles are used to frighten off and protect different places, these grotesque figures are often carved of stone, to ward away evil or harmful spirits typically they have a spout to help clear away water from a wall.

(Source: Phantom And Monsters)

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