Bizarre alligator human hybrids believed to wander Florida swampland’s

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Believed to have originated from ancient Egyptian practices, what is known as a “Feejee Mermaid” was put up on display years ago. The “Fiji Mermaid” was popularized by P.T. Barnum of Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey. The mermaid was supposedly caught near the Feejee Islands in the South Pacific.

Fiji mermaid display

Egyptologists discovered what appeared to be a half human upper torso with a lower crocodile torso spliced together. The conclusion about this is, that these incarnations were created to honor Sebek.

This crocodile headed god, was an ancient Egyptian deity, with a rather complicated series of movements as it wandered the lands. Sebek, is associated with the Nile crocodile and West African crocodile.

This unusual god, is both part human and part crocodile in its origination. Some believe, that something like this actually could have existed long ago, as Sebek brought these creations to life through its great powers. Best associated with fertility, military prowess and protection, this god, also represented a warding of sorts – turning away harmful or evil influences deflecting misfortune.

Jake the alligator man

Jake the alligator man

One of these creations is on display at Marsh’s Free Museum located at: 409 Pacific Ave, Long Beach, WA 98631. Some of these were created as sideshow attractions in carnivals around the world. People look in awe, of these bizarre half-human, half-crocodile displays.

The possibility of something like this still alive somewhere in the world is unsettling, but not completely dismissed yet either. Seen on display, is Jake the Alligator Man, it was featured by Weekly World News on November 9, 1993 for their front-page article entitled “Half-human, half-alligator discovered in Florida swamp.”

Halfhuman alligator hybrid

It was first purchased by the Marsh family for $750 dollars back in 1967. (equivalent to $5,470.13 in 2017) Since its purchase, it has captivated curious onlookers – who stroll through the shop. With curiosities such as these, it is easy to see why they have gained so much attention.

What makes the thought of these creatures even more scary, is their ability to reason. These half-human creatures, could communicate with one another through a series of grunts and howls. They also could created basic tools, as they were said to wander through the Florida Everglades. Best described as being around 5 feet tall, with a child-sized torso, these things were fairly long with muscular tails and stubby gator-like legs. The creature represents the gap between both the mammalian and the reptilian genus.

There have been eye-witnesses who have further described seeing something like these.They had green colored scales, webbing between their toes and fingers, with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. Certainly, they look like something from out of a horror movie. While wandering out in the wild, it would be best to look down first, before taking your next step, as you never know what might be out there.

(Source: Wikipedia and Locklip)

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