Multiple Bundles Of Hair Were Found Around Santa Barbara

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Talk about a hairy situation…likely this was an accident of sorts or a statement of some kind. An unexplained mystery has yet to be answered…as bundles of hair were scattered around Santa Barbara, California. Some of the locations where these bundles were found, were spread across different areas. 

Among the locations included the Mesa Shopping Center, the parking lot of the CVS Pharmacy on Carrillo and in San Andres. The braids of hair, were best described as being thick in appearance.

Multiple Bundles Of Hair Were Found Around Santa Barbara

Those living in these areas, soon took notice as bundles of braided hair were found. It is unknown whether or not all these bundles were made from real human hair or horsehair possibly. 

After others discovered the hair bundles, some people apparently touched and tested whether or not the hair was human. As it turns out at least some of these were made from human hair.

So, where did this hair come from? Were people tortured somewhere? Did the hair come from a beauty salon? There are so many questions about it. It really is weird as no explanation has been given yet about it. Possibly, this was done by a group of people with a bizarre message to say. 

From what is understood, the mysterious hair bundles began to appear over the course of a week according to local news stations. It is unknown just how many hair bundles have been found so far and if more have been mysteriously dropped on the ground around different places.

Apparently, one young man even picked up the hair to take a whiff of it. However, this led to no answers. These sightings have given most people a real creepy vibe like someone out there is up to no good but it may prove to be more innocent than that. 

(Source: Coast To Coast AM)

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