Californian Records Large UFO Hovering Over Menifee

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It happened not long ago, but the footage was only recently uploaded. Seen in the night sky appears to be an unusual looking spacecraft. Many believe this is proof of a real extraterrestrial ship of some kind. Others think its a group of drones clustered together or lights being filmed from a reflected window. 

It is a standout UFO and whoever filmed it was eager to capture it on video with their phone. The city of Menifee is located in Riverside County, California. It is part of Los Angeles in Southern part of California. There are about 100,000 residents who call this place home.

While it may be a real alien spacecraft of some kind, it could likely be a government experiment as well. Either way, something strange was happening in the sky that night. This video first made its way onto the internet back on December 3rd. However, the video was allegedly recorded on October 19th. 

So far, not much else is known about this as nobody has come forward about the UFO. If anyone witnessed it, they haven’t yet come forward. While many paranormal type sightings have been seen in California, this apparently wasn’t enough of a threat for the military to intervene. 

Apparently, there were over 100 witnesses who caught a glimpse of this UFO. Some think this is part of a student project but this cannot be confirmed either. Voices can be heard during the video with comments saying:

“What in the f*** is that?” one of the witnesses asks in the clip. Are those drones, what is that thing in the middle then?

“They are too high to be drones. Dude, what is that? I need to see.”

So far in 2019, there have been 3,353 UFO sightings that have been reported about according to statista. It seems in recent times there have been far more UFOs reported about.

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