Medic Defends Suicidal Patient From The Darkness

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This incident took place back in Fresno County, California sometime in 2015. It was 3:00 AM and one medic with ALS (Advanced Life Support) was dispatched to what is known as a code 3 cardiac arrest. A 34 year old male, apparently attempted suicide by hanging them self. One local Sheriff was there at the scene when this medic first arrived. 

The location where this was was rather remote. There were no street lights anywhere, it was extremely dark outside this night and it was cold for this time of year here.

On this night, it was foggy as well. The medic got out of his vehicle, to notice the 34 year old man wearing all black clothing with long sleeves and a beanie on. He had been placed in handcuffs by one of the police officers there.  

There was one female there and two small children standing by the front door. The noose used was lying upon the ground, under a rickety looking tree. This 34 year old man had a small laceration mark and rope burn around his neck. He was very much still alive. 

Upon looking at him, his eyes appeared to have nearly no white in them. He stood there quietly until he was placed onto an ambulance gurney. This poor man was sobbing and trembling in between a few screams. He yelled out “I can’t take it anymore”. Restraints were used to keep them man from harming himself or others around him. 

The medic looked closer to see deep horizontal cutting scars along both of his wrists. This man was trembling more so than anyone else he had ever seen. Certainly, he was both scared and cold.

The conclusion was, this man was seeking to end his life, leaving both of his children and wife behind. Something must have happened to him so dramatically to cause him to do all of this.

Things soon began to take a turn for the worse and weird. The medic described the following moments as something that he will never forget the rest of his days. It gave him chills, just thinking about it. 

While on the way to the hospital in the ambulance a few miles down the road, the medic and his driver made a wrong turn. They were a bit lost and decided to take a back road as a shortcut.

The patient was whimpering and still shaking from the trauma. He however wasn’t fighting against the restraints on the gurney. It seemed as though the felt safer while riding in the back of the ambulance. 

The medic continued to examine him and tested his vital signs. It was during this moment when the medic felt a bone cold shiver down his spine. He then noticed a house by itself in the middle of nowhere. Keep in mind, the homes around here are acres apart from one another.

This one house however stood out among the rest. There was a very large tree there among rough hedges and bushes. A four door sedan was parked here as well. The car looked very out of place. The best was to describe it was, as if it was in its own place altogether. It was creepy to say the least. 

The medic typically would see cabs and cars normally but keep in mind this was a very dark night. It was unusual and not normal. The sedan was pitch black from the inside. It seemed like darkness was pouring out from it.

The medic said, it was the deepest and darkest black they had ever seen before. As they pulled around the property to turn around, they then noticed two neon colored dark blue eyes staring back at them.

What resembled a very tall man appeared to be inside the sedan. The medic said they felt the back of their ambulance become even colder. Goosebumps appeared on his skin and the hair on the back of his neck stood up. 

At first, they thought it was a security light that went off or perhaps a reflection bouncing off the car windows. However, as they passed by this house, the large looking man appeared to follow them in stride.

The sedan kept pace with the ambulance all the way to the highway. The glowing eyes could still be seen, as the medic peered out the window. 

As they passed by a number of street lights, they couldn’t even see into the sedan. The medic was distracted and even momentarily forgot about the patient before him. Even the driver felt like something was very off about all of this. All of it felt very threatening. It seemed like they were after the suicidal man inside of the ambulance. 

For quite some time on the highway they were being followed. About 20 miles or so passed and incredibly, the glowing blue eyes could still be seen from the distance. Eventually, the car caught up with the ambulance at high speed. And the driver of the sedan looked over at them. They estimated the vehicle to be about 5 feet away from the ambulance. 

This man or whatever it was appeared to be fixated upon the medic. It seemed upset and wanted to challenge them. The medic out of fear and uncertainty yelled out “Go away!!! You are not touching this man. This man is my patient. If you want him, you will have to come through me. I am stronger than you and I will not let you have him!!!”

Not long after, both vehicles veered off into different directions away from one another as they soon approached two separate ramps. After this, the temperature inside the ambulance began to get warmer. The medic said no longer were the cheeks on his face gray but more normal. 

Medic Defends Suicidal Patient From The Darkness

When the medic and the driver arrived at the hospital, they began to speculate what happened. The medic to this day believes that something supernatural was after them on that night. It wanted to bring the suicidal patient to the other side it seemed. Neither of them believed this was an actual man but that of a demon. 

Before this, the medic said they never believed in anything paranormal related. He is unsure whether or not the man recovered but hopefully so. After all, he had a family and a future still in this realm.

Perhaps the outcome changed his fate in some way. Since this bizarre incident, the medic never encountered anything remotely like this. He believes there are both good and bad forces in this world. It is best to keep an open mind to these kind of things.

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