Red glowing eruptions illuminate nighttime skies in the USA!

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Many are puzzled over why the sky has changed from nighttime darkness, to a red glow in different parts of the United States recently. A video was uploaded on YouTube, showing the sky seemingly changing to a red glow.

Something Big Exploded Over New York

This isn’t something natural many feel, it is something else. Are we being visited again by some kind of extraterrestrial presence, or is this some kind of secret experiment happening? It is really starting to scare people, of what might be on the horizon.

Something Big Exploded Over New York!

The video was recorded by passing motorists, as they glanced over on 11/27/17. This occurred somewhere in the state of New York. The exact location isn’t known, but it is quite unusual to say the least. These bright lights emerged from behind the treeline in the distance.

In the video, someone can be heard asking; whether or not this is something to do with the Northern Lights? Apparently, the same red glowing lights happened in Utah as well on 11/27/17. This in itself, is quite strange, perhaps alien visitation is actually happening.

Another channel on YouTube, known as thirdphaseofmoon, explained more about this. Another video clip was recorded about 600 miles away in the state of Ohio. It was there, where the exact same thing was seen and documented. Both alien fanatics Blake and Brett Cousins are perplexed over this.

Image: Blake and Brett Cousins from YouTube

Image: Blake and Brett Cousins from YouTube

Brett mentioned: “This isn’t just a flash, this thing sustains its illumination. It isn’t going in and out, it’s like something just blew and is holding it. We have a very clear photo of something amazing, that just erupted over the sky. I don’t think it is the Aurora Borealis. This is something with big power. It looks strange.”

The sighting lasted for around 15 minutes on November 22nd. A video entitled “Something big exploded over New York” was later posted, it has been seen now more than 143,000 times. These phenomenal pictures and videos show something that doesn’t seem to be of our Earth. Many want answers about alien life and have waited for far too long seeking the real truth.

One person commented, that there seems to be a lot of strange things happening lately all over the planet. Maybe the hoax attack will really happen. I just hope that the real aliens, won’t attack after watching what we have done in movies and the like.Keep your eyes to the skies! We are not alone it seems!

(Source: Daily Star)

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