Chupacabra Archive

Deputies Dashboard Camera Captures Chupacabra In Dewitt County, Texas

Back in 2008, a pair of Dewitt County sheriff’s deputies witnessed something astounding. One of them began to record what is known to be a chupacabra. These cryptozoological creatures, have been talked about for years and have plagued farmers livestock – by killing them and drinking their blood.  Seen in this rare video footage, is

Chupacabra Claims Second Life In Honduras

Known as a cryptozoological creature, local residents living in Honduras are terrified of a chupacabra that has been on a killing spree recently. The said creature, is small in stature yet ferocious enough to take down bigger prey. This canine type animal, resembles that of a hairless dog in most descriptions. Reports of chupacabra come

Chupacabra Sighted On San Miguel Island

These cryptozoological creatures, have fascinated people for quite some time. They are rumored to inhabit parts of the Americas. Mostly, the Chupacabra have been seen in places like Puerto Rico, Mexico and The United States. These parasitic preying creatures, feed upon livestock. In particular, they have been known to feed upon goats. At first, the

Chupacabra slain by farmer in the Ukraine

In the Ukraine, a rather strange creature was discovered. It looks much like a dog of some sort, yet it isn’t. This oddity has many wondering if it is some sort of chupacabra. One might wonder what a “chupacabra” might be. This strange creature has been reportedly found, killing goats in the night and early

Chupacabras on the prowl

Perhaps the name rings a bell, it is a small creature which has appeared in various spots around the world. It is called a Chupacabra, this small bipedal beast feeds upon animals draining their blood much like a vampire. The first reported attacks occurred in Puerto Rico in 1995. The name comes from chupar “to