Deputies Dashboard Camera Captures Chupacabra In Dewitt County, Texas

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Back in 2008, a pair of Dewitt County sheriff’s deputies witnessed something astounding. One of them began to record what is known to be a chupacabra. These cryptozoological creatures, have been talked about for years and have plagued farmers livestock – by killing them and drinking their blood. 

Deputies Dashboard Camera Captures Chupacabra In Dewitt County

Seen in this rare video footage, is believed to be one of these unusual looking beasts. These canine type animals are a problem and tend to strike in remote locations, sometimes during the night.   

“I’ve been patrolling these back roads for a long time and I never run across anything like this.” Last Friday, Cpl. Brandon Reidel was training a new deputy when they came across an unusual sight.

“We were out checking fence lines and we came around the corner and we saw this running down the road.” Thinking they’d spotted the elusive Cuero Chupacabra, Reidel then turned on his dash cam.

“You need to record something like this b/c it’s not everyday you find something that looks like this running around out in the middle of the county.” This short-legged, hairless critter with a long snout resembles a coyote, but Reidle isn’t convinced. “It just doesn’t look like your average coyote or dog or anything.”

Seen in the timestamp display, shows the video being taken on 08/08/2008 and the time reads 06:31 PM (in military time). The deputies were certainly caught off guard but knew they recorded something rather unusual. Eventually, the chupacabra made its way off the road and back into the wild.

Image: Jeff Carter

There have been many different physical descriptions about the chupacabra. They range in size and shape. Some descriptions mention them being bigger while others smaller. Sometimes they have been described as having a single row of spines on their back, which reaches all the way to the base of its tail. 

Some things exist within our world that are out of the ordinary. What they are and their purpose remains rather questionable. These deputies witnessed something rather extraordinary on that day and it is something they will never forget.

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