Double Amputee gets new arms

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Les with doc

With sudden advancements in technology, society has come a long ways to help one another with different high tech devices. These are the first steps to helping people recover from tragedies in their lives. Meet Les Baugh, a man who lost both of his arms over 40 years ago from an electrical accident. These incredibly astounding robotic arms along with a custom harness, have been fitted for him to use.

The arms are still a work in progress, but are functioning for him on some level. With continued advances in both software and design, these arms will revolutionize the way wounded soldiers function in today’s world. Many of them have returned to their country without limbs. (Something as simple as putting coins into a vending machine is something Les Baugh plans to do after things have been tested and customized for him)

Les with doctors

People take daily life steps for granted and the use of their limbs. Les will regain his independence in his life after the practical functionality has been set in place for him. Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory are responsible for these breakthroughs and Les Baugh is one of the very first to have robotic arms as a reality in his life. Amputees will no doubt rejoice after these robotic arms are perfected. What a great program this is and hopefully it will continue.

The electrical accident has haunted Les for many years, after watching this video showing Les—it seems he will gain a new sense of confidence again. Decades of not using your arms would discourage anyone. The scenes are much like something out of a science fiction film, only it is slowly becoming a reality. His new arms will be attached to the nerves on his shoulders. Simply by thinking will the impulse be made to control the movement of each robotic arm limb. This is indeed freaky yet fabulous.

Double Tragedy
Doomsday Fears

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