Man revived 18 hours later, after his heart stopped beating

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Back from a near death experience, a 53 year old French man was revived 18 hours later, after his heart stopped beating. Doctors are baffled over the incident, but believe that his organs were preserved, because his body temperature dropped as a defensive type mechanism.

He displayed signs much like someone suffering from hypothermia. Normally, the human body is around 98.6 degrees. This man’s temperature dropped to 71.6.

Because his body temperature dropped like it did, this protected his brain and other organs from failing scientifically. At least this is the theory anyway. More than likely, his guardian angel was watching out for him.

Heart attack

Medical staff continued with heart massages for more than four hours, before placing him on a heart-lung machine. This kept him alive, until his body temperature increased enough for them to make another attempt to get his heart going again.

Image: Montpellier University Hospital

Image: Montpellier University Hospital

Jonathan Charbit, in charge of intensive care unit at Montpellier University Hospital, told The Times the patient’s survival was because the fall in his body temperature, had protected his brain and other organs and emergency services realizing this.

Jonathan said: “The medical team was stupefied.”

This incident is most unusual and highly unlikely that someone else would experience something like this again. The man wished to remain anonymous, but certainly will never forget his dreadful day of near death. This happened after this man was walking back from his brother’s home in Béziers, Montpellier on March 12.

Incredibly, moments like these seem highly unlikely, but they do happen. These moments, defy all rational explanation, yet people want answers to events such as these, because they are afraid of the unknown and often question things..

Quite incredibly, the man is expected to make a full recovery and should not suffer any brain damage. The current Guinness world record for holding your breath underwater, is still held by a name named Ricardo Bahia from Brazil. He was able to hold his breath for 20 minutes and 21 seconds.

Our brains of course need oxygen, so we can continue to function. When we deprive ourselves of air, quite simply we die normally. When someone experiences drowning, choking or suffocation among cardiac arrest, they typically will suffer some kind of damage to their brain.

Someone having a stroke or breathing in carbon monoxide, will experience what is called brain hypoxia. This condition can be fatal or can cause serious brain cell damage. We need oxygen to function properly as humans.

This man is a testament that truly some things in our world are unexplainable, yet undeniable either. It is a miracle of sorts that he survived. Hopefully he will recover soon.

(Source: The Sun)

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