Chupacabra Sighted On San Miguel Island

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These cryptozoological creatures, have fascinated people for quite some time. They are rumored to inhabit parts of the Americas. Mostly, the Chupacabra have been seen in places like Puerto Rico, Mexico and The United States.

Chupacabra feeding

These parasitic preying creatures, feed upon livestock. In particular, they have been known to feed upon goats. At first, the Chupacabra strikes subduing it’s prey by incapacitating them then feeding off their blood.

While there have been different reported sightings, the Chupacabra has been described as either being a small statured humanoid type creature or being much more like a canine. Other descriptions include this creature being the size of a small bear.

Paul Dale Roberts, considers himself a HPI Cryptozoologist aka ‘Monster Hunter’. Back during March 23, 2010, he received a phone call from a Captain. They wished to remain anonymous but he gave him the name “Michael Hodges”. Allegedly, this Captain Hodges had his catamaran cruising around San Miguel Island. During this expedition, he came across something very unusual.  

He noticed a creature with spikes going down his back. This thing had leathery brown skin, with wings, a large sized head and its eyes were a reddish color. The creature leaped an estimated three feet up into the air and scurred off around Cuyler’s Harbor.

Another incident happened when Captain Hodges went exploring Caliche Forest. This area is known for having hardened calcium deposits all around. While there, he was wearing his FLIR (Forward Looking Infra-Red) and during the evening he spotted something else that seemed to vanish quite literally into the ground.

Whatever version of Chupacabra Captain Michael Hodges witnessed, it is believed to have been an original specimen. These type creatures, may well be some kind of government experiment gone wrong as they made their way out into the world. Perhaps they are deformed grey aliens that mutated from some kind of lab. If they did escape such locations, they must have made their way towards places like Puerto Rico. It was there, where they began feeding upon both chickens and goats across the country.

These monstrosities are also thought to have been created through DNA manipulation. It is a wild thought but maybe they are escapees from a kind of zoo project. Chumash Indians once inhabited San Miguel Island. The island itself was first discovered by a European explorer named Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo back in 1542. Maybe they and along with others, came across a Chupacabra or possibly something else earlier on.

With so much history and unknown origins it might be possible that a kind of creature exists such as this. Until further proof is provided, we can only speculate for now what these creatures look like and how they behave. If they do exist, they are likely something nobody would ever want to cross paths with.

(Source: High Strangeness)

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