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I Witnessed My Roommate’s Doppelganger

While attending their senior year of college, “Susan” was thrilled to be living with an alumnae from her sorority. This person is someone they were close with. To keep their identity hidden, they referred to her as “Abby”. Both Abby and Susan became pretty good friends. A rather peculiar occurrence happened back in February this

Mother Gets Mimicked In The Woods

Located in a rural part of Ohio was an experience unlike any other. It happened to someones friend who later shared the encounter online. It happened back during the fall of 2006. This person explained they grew up in a rural part of the county. Being adventurous, they decided to explore the wilderness. To them,

Did Abraham Lincoln have a doppelgänger of doom?

It is quite remarkable to think, there was the possibility of another Abraham Lincoln who might have existed. From this, some believe that good ole honest Abe, former President of the United States, either possibly lived longer than what was documented or that his doppelgänger…was the one who was shot and killed, in an elaborate

A child’s imagination and their imaginary friends

When children dream, they can also fantasize about their imaginary friends. Sometimes children use these visions or apparitions, to socially adapt—as they simply cannot in reality. It is completely normal for a young child, to have an imaginary friend in their early developmental years. Imaginary friends also help to stimulate a child’s mind. And as