A child’s imagination and their imaginary friends

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When children dream, they can also fantasize about their imaginary friends. Sometimes children use these visions or apparitions, to socially adapt—as they simply cannot in reality. It is completely normal for a young child, to have an imaginary friend in their early developmental years.

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Imaginary friends also help to stimulate a child’s mind. And as their imagination grows, these imaginary friends help to promote creativity as well. Many children have since grown up later, to become entertainers as an example. They come in different varieties, including magicians, artists, actors and more.

There are a number of unusual stories that involve imaginary friends. While some of them are downright amazing, others are rather questionable. What if somehow, someway a portal was opened up when someone merely glances into a pool of water and they can see something that isn’t normally there? This could be an alternate world, that many people feel does actually exist. Everyone has a doppelgänger out there somewhere. A person who resembles them in some way, shape or form.

Image: "The Unexpected" by Niebl Mirella aka narcissagrey
Image: “The Unexpected” by Niebl Mirella aka narcissagrey

Is it possible to bridge the gap between two separate worlds and create a time tear of sorts? Like most things, it is difficult to believe until we actually can see and experience it for ourselves. The following story titled “Betsy” is an example of an imaginary friend, originally posted on Sharesloth.

I only tell this story, because I hope my family is screwing with me but maybe not. My mom left us when I was 5 and my dad worked a lot and went out drinking more nights than not. So, no one kept a good eye on my sister and me.

We had to move into a cheaper house and I made friends with a girl in our new neighborhood named Betsy. She showed me where the train tracks and the broken down tree house were, in the woods by our house.

She was the only friend I had and I remember her clearly. We played in the woods, rode bikes, had slumber parties, normal girl stuff. I started seeing less and less of her, when I got older and she eventually moved away (closer to the school she went to).

I was over at my dad and step mom’s a couple years ago and told a story about her and my dad laughed at me and told me Betsy was imaginary. To which I corrected him NO, she wasn’t, she even came with us to my Aunt’s house for Thanksgiving one year.

My dad got serious and said, “No, there was never anyone there. You would just go up to your room and play and talk to yourself when Betsy came over.” And my sister agrees with him and makes me text my aunt who also says “no, you brought an imaginary friend to Thanksgiving that year.”

Now I would let it go and just chalk it up to “the mind of child is amazing” but a couple of things to this day still freak me out:

1. I very clearly remember her. What she looked like, how she sounded, and I even have a very vague recollection of her room. Not her house – just her room.

2. Where in the hell did I go when I went on sleepovers? I asked my dad this question and he tells me it’s the reason he doesn’t drink anymore.

Many people remember their imaginary friends, only some remember just how real they really were.

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