Odd village in India, births more twins than anywhere else on Earth

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Located in a small village in India, is a peculiar oddity. This village seems to have an unusual amount of people in it…who look alike. The village of Kodinhi, Kerala is estimated to have over 400 sets of twins living here. A bit over 2,000 people call this location home.

Twin town of Kodinhi

It remains a mystery, as to why there are so many twins here. Statistically, there are roughly around 45 twin babies, that are born here each and every year. This percentage is estimated to increase incredibly, as the years continue to pass by.

Doctors and other medical experts, have no idea what is causing this to happen. It truly is a rather strange phenomenon. Chances are, it is related to hereditary factors and/or the food eaten here. Only when this is discovered, will people finally have answers. For now, it continues to remain a mystery to the masses.

Twin girls in Kodinhi village

The national average of twin births are about 9 in 1000. Kodinhi village, truly is an anomaly by comparison. In the year of 2016, researchers from different institutions – collected saliva and hair samples from the people here. Some of the agencies involved include the CSIR-Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad, Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies (KUFOS) and the University of London.

Other locations around the world, are also being tested that seem to have more twin births each year. Aside from the village of Kodinhi, Hung loc commune in Hung Hiepfrom South Vietnam, Igbo-Ora in Nigeria and Cándido Godói in Brazil, are being tested as well. All of these locations, seem to have more twin births than normal, but not as many as the village of Kodinhi.

A Professor E. Preetham of KUFOS mentions there is much speculation about all of this. Why this continues to happen, defies logical explanation. Perhaps science will have more answers. Professor E. Preetham said the following:

“While many say that it is genetic, there are also speculations that a particular element in the air or water in the village could be the cause of this phenomenon. As far as our study is concerned, we have collected the samples from people in Kodinhi and is in the process of collecting samples from the other communities too. As of now, the phenomenon is yet to get a scientific explanation.”

Things such as these, are a fluke in nature. There is a reason for this happening as with many other things. Perhaps it is all by design. Mankind continues to question many things, which aren’t explained rationally. The village of Kodinhi, has been nicknamed “Twin Town”.

Twin town Kodinhi

(Source: The News Minute)

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