Mother Gets Mimicked In The Woods

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Located in a rural part of Ohio was an experience unlike any other. It happened to someones friend who later shared the encounter online. It happened back during the fall of 2006.

This person explained they grew up in a rural part of the county. Being adventurous, they decided to explore the wilderness. To them, this was their favorite place to be, as it was often mysterious and interesting for them.

Before all of this happened, they wandered through the wild a number of different times. One tree in particular was enjoyable for them to climb on. About halfway through the climb, they would sit upon heavier branches and relax. Being able to connect with nature is a good thing. It is also good for the human spirit.

Listening to the sound of birds chirping (among other peaceful nature sounds) is a good thing. For them, this place had become a sanctuary of sorts until nightfall. Their mother would begin to call out their name, when it was time to come home. Many nights, the woods became dark and even more mysterious.

Realizing as a child it…was time to come home. It always is a bummer for most kids, as they want to stay out as long as possible. They were obedient and decided to return home.

Bedazzled by this spectacular sunset, they climbed down their favorite tree and heard their mother’s voice distinctly. At first, they didn’t think anything about it. All of this was routine for them, as they often would wait for their mother to call out for them.

Just as their feet touched the ground, something felt strange to them. Their mother’s voice seemed to be coming from behind them, far deeper in the woods than anytime before. Any other time, her voice could be heard coming from the front part where the woods soon began. Never before did their mother ever enter the woods before (at least not with them).

Being eager to show their mother where all their favorite spots were, they began to search for her a ways. It is then when they realized something was really wrong. How could their mother wander into the woods ahead of them? It is possible that they missed her at first. But she never entered the woods ever before. What sounded like their mother, continued to call out their name only this time she seemed quite upset. She seemed frantically angry.

Mother Gets Mimicked In The Woods

They froze in place after listening to her call out. Squinting their eyes, they attempted to look around for her and where she might be. They couldn’t find any signs of her. It was ominously creepy. At this point, they were quite scared and began making their way out of the woods. The following statement was heard by them, “Come here, right now!”.

Their heart dropped and their legs seemed like jelly as they began to run. Whatever was in the woods with them, was mimicking their mother, trying to lure them their way. It seemed to draw closer towards them with each voice heard.

A sense of fear washed over them, as their mother came into view. They refused to look back behind them, as they were literally scared out of their mind. Even to day, this moment still haunts them. It is something that anyone would never soon forget.

Looking back, perhaps they simply imagined all of this. Maybe they were merely spending too much time by themselves while out in the woods. As they reflected back upon this day, they never would return to the woods. The nearest neighbor was at least a mile away. Carefully, they thought about any and every possible explanation that they could.

Was this a prank played by someone? Since it happened, no one knows what exactly happened. As time passed, they moved away from this house. While it is far fetched, maybe this was her doppelganger. Years later, both the mother and child discussed this day.

They reached the conclusion that this was likely some kind of demon. However, this was just their feeling about it. There are many things out there that remain unanswered for. One can only wonder what they would have done with them. A creepy thought no doubt.

(Source: Reddit)

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