Calls from beyond the grave

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They are known as dead ringers, also of course used as an expression of someone who looks like another. The dead ringer mentioned is one who called from beyond the grave. These restless souls are completely connected sort of speak to things left in the world. They have unfinished business left behind and are desperately trying to voice their opinion about it, sometimes even trying to help.

The only logical explanation would be a cell phone malfunctioning afterwards calling numbers from it’s phone book. But this is still unexplained since it happened back on September 12th 2008 at 4:23pm. A Metrolink commuter train with 225 aboard crashed into a Union Pacific freight train in Chatsworth a district of Los Angeles, California. It left 25 people dead and almost 150 injured.

Family members of a particular passenger named Chuck Peck received 35 different calls from his cellphone during the night of the crash. At times there was nothing but static on the other end of the transmission. Chuck Peck’s fiancée used this time period to shout out encouraging messages on the phone. These rather eerie messages haunt those who have heard them. One phrase which was spoken was “Hang in there baby. We’re gonna get you out. You’re gonna be okay.”


The authorities managed to trace one of the calls which lead them to the first train and eventually to his body. Unfortunately, Chuck Peck died on impact. This is quite amazing as supernatural forces appear to have been at work. Consider that all of these 35 calls were made to close family members including his son, brother, sister, stepmother and fiancée.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), which investigated the cause of the collision, the Metrolink train ran through a red signal before entering a section of single track where the opposing freight train had been given the right of way by the train dispatcher. The NTSB faulted the Metrolink train’s engineer for the collision, concluding that he was distracted by text messages he was sending while on duty.


A rather large response was sent in to help by the city and county of Los Angeles. This included CEMP (California Emergency Mobile Patrol Search and Rescue) as the very first responding unit on the scene by request of the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department). With 25 deaths, and well over $7 million in damages, to date this was the deadliest accident in Metrolink’s history. The survivors who were left were hospitalized for extended stay.

The lawyers had a field day and began filing claims against Metrolink. These claims exceeded well over $200 million set in 1997. Issues surrounding this accident have also initiated and reinvigorated public debate on a range of topics including public relations, safety, and emergency management, which has also resulted in regulatory and legislative actions.

(Charles “Chuck” Peck, of Salt Lake City, flew into Los Angeles Friday afternoon for a job interview. He hoped to move to California and marry his fiancée, Andrea Katz, of West Lake Village. She was on her way to pick him up at the Moorpark Metrolink station when she heard news of the crash. The coroner initially listed Peck’s age as 58, but corrected it on Sept. 15 to 49)
“He was a gentleman — so insightful, always present. The love that we had for each other is enough to last a lifetime.” — Andrea Katz, fiancée

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