Office worker experiences alternate reality glitch after seeing his doppelgänger

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Morning doppelgänger story

A man experienced something out of the ordinary, which to date still can’t be explained. Usually around 6:30 AM, he wakes up but this day already was a bit different for him, as sunlight peered through his bedroom window. This he thought was odd, as usually it is still dark outside during this time. It was a Monday morning.

Everything was going good for him, he had a good job in an office environment. He even had friends that worked at the same location. It was a typical 9 to 5 temporary position, using the computer, writing and filling out forms and answering phone calls. His cubical was the first one seen, after stepping off the elevator being located in the center of the office room.

Office doppelgänger

This day for him, turned out to be one of the creepiest moments in his life. The day was indeed different, he wondered what exactly happened to him that day. He reflected back to that unusual moment. At this time in his life, he was only 24 years old when this experience happened to him. He had been working at this location for 4 months, eyeing other opportunities to further advance his career.

At first, everything was fairly typical this day—until he first wandered past the receptionist. She gave him a peculiar look almost as if she was frightened by his presence. He was laser focused this day, as the boss had been giving him a hard time—about some late assignments that were past due.

On his way further down the hallway, he begins to get stares from other workers in different conference rooms. He also notices some people starring at him out in the open, where other cubical workers typically are.

He begins to panic, thinking that he is going to be fired or something. With the expressions on everyone’s faces they seem to be more scared than curious. He thought to himself, wondering if he was going to find something he shouldn’t find out. He tried to ignore all of this as he approached his office cubical.

To his surprise, something extraordinary was right before him. It goes from weird to terrifying. His heart begins to sink into his chest, as he simply couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Someone is sitting on his chair typing at his keyboard.

For a moment, he thought the IT tech who was working on his computer to fix something. But this wasn’t the case at all. When the man turns he looks right into his eyes. It was at this moment, when the blood began to freeze in his veins. The man sitting at the desk is him.

doppelgänger man at office

This man looked exactly like him the same face, hair and clothes on. His doppelgänger begins to pack up his papers and other belongings. They quickly take off running in the opposite direction of where he was exiting out of the building. He decides to chase after his double, trying to catch up to him.

After looking around, he was nowhere to be found. Now, everyone is looking at him like he is crazy. He asked other co-workers who was sitting at his desk. Nobody knew anything. They said his desk had been empty all morning.

Eventually, the boss was called over, as the man was freaked out sweating and bewildered at what had happened. The boss had been looking around all morning for him, checking to see if he was going to show for work or not. (every 15 minutes or so) He explained to the boss, what happened and the boss gave him some funny looks before walking away.

What bothered the man is how his doppelgänger ran off. It was almost as if, he was up to something he shouldn’t have been doing. He reflected about what had happened in the bathroom, splashing water over his face. After starring at himself in the mirror, he became intrigued by his thoughts, eventually returning to his computer. On his computer desktop, a new document had been opened.

It read: Name: (my name) Location 8462421.856—844c
Absent. Will be fulfilling role until recalled.
Current parameters unclear, though outline is primitive
Log#521952 has been updated
with key information regarding the status of (me).
Operation has b…

Convinced this was an elaborate prank, he man became confused as he reflected back about this strange day. He eventually left the job, after suffering from anxiety attacks. He later found another job in Massachusetts. Now, he is much happier and less stressful after meeting face to face with his doppelgänger. Every time he looks into a mirror, it still puts him on edge.

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