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Elisa Day

The Legend Of Elisa Day

Back during the medieval times, there was a lovely woman named Elisa Day from Ireland. It was said that her beauty was like that of the wild roses that grew down the river, all...

Margorie Mccall gravestone

Died Once Buried Twice

The fear of being buried alive, is something most people would dread. The thought of slowly gasping for your last breath, while laying in a coffin is truly terrifying. A woman from the 18th...

Belfast ghosts on train

Belfast Halloween spirit spans several spooks

A photograph taken in Belfast, Ireland last year, it seems to show several ghostly passengers captured on camera. The photo was taken by then 45 year old Jonathan Hanna. This is one of the...

Irish ghost crosses road

Dash camera captures Irish ghost crossing road

Located in Armagh, Ireland a rather strange occurrence happened. Seen in a video recording, is a ghostly entity crossing the road from left to right. It took place specifically in the Vicars Hill area....