The Legend Of Elisa Day

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Back during the medieval times, there was a lovely woman named Elisa Day from Ireland. It was said that her beauty was like that of the wild roses that grew down the river, all bloody and red. One day, a man came to the small town where Elisa lived. He instantly fell in love with her. 

On the first day, he visited her where she lived. The next day he brought to her a single red rose. After this, he asked Elisa to meet him where the wild roses grow. They ended up dating for just three days. 

Upon the last day, he took her down by the river where he killed her. This evil soul waited until her back was turned, before striking her with a large rock in the back of the head. He then whispered, “All beauty must die”— and with one swift blow, he killed her instantly.

After she died, this man placed a single red rose between her teeth and pushed her body into the river below. Since her untimely death, many folks who have wandered here have seen the ghost of Elisa aimlessly wandering the riverside. She has been described as a beautiful young woman, with blood running down one side of her face, with a single rose in her hand. 

Perhaps this urban legend has a simple message. Falling in love sometimes leads to joy and sometimes leads to sorrow. Elisa’s last moments of life were glancing out at a remarkable river, where she now haunts unable to move onward into the afterlife. 

Elisa Day

Elisa’s body was never recovered and her real name was never really known. She often was referred to as “The Wild Rose”. It is unknown who her killer was, only that he was a terrible person. Out of rage, he took her life and in the afterlife he shall suffer for it. 

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