Dash camera captures Irish ghost crossing road

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Irish ghost crosses road

Located in Armagh, Ireland a rather strange occurrence happened. Seen in a video recording, is a ghostly entity crossing the road from left to right. It took place specifically in the Vicars Hill area. This ghost seemingly appears out of nowhere, from a sudden camera cut. The shadowy figure seems to wander at a steady pace.

It then walks across the road, only to vanish after walking through a stone wall—that has a heavy metal fence attached to it. While the video is simple, it is also rather ominously eerie to look at. Music was added in for effect no doubt.

Supposedly, this video footage was recorded by a grandmother who lives in the Vicars Hill area. (It is in the northern part of Ireland) Her car was parked just outside of the Church of Ireland Cathedral grounds.

Irish ghost captured by dash camera

She wished to remain anonymous, but did manage to send this video recording to a news site in Armagh. What is odd though, is usually dash cameras are mounted unless she grabbed it. The camera seems like it is being hand held, as it moves around subtlety. It is assumed that the grandmother was nervous from what she was recording. (Perhaps hyperventilating over the shock of seeing the ghost)

One interesting footnote about this footage, the ghost appears to be wearing Georgian period clothing attire after looking at the zoom in of the video. There are many stories surrounding the Armagh area of Ireland.

One of these includes the Green Lady. This story struck fear into the hearts of children, to get them to return home sooner before nightfall. The Green Lady would come get them, if they didn’t get come home!

Irish ghost dash camera

This video has many people guessing as to what thing thing might be. While it is assumed to be a ghost of some sort, it could be something else entirely. There are certain demonic forces capable of accomplishing such a feat. Other guesses include that this is some sort of magic trick, from the use of some kind of black magic, supernatural or mystical means.

In Ireland, there are different manors that include haunted sightings of ghosts. While there are more, 14 different locations have been documented including: Charles Fort, Charleville Castle, Drumbeg Manor in Inver, Ducketts Grove, Kilmainham Gaol, Kinnitty Castle, Malahide Castle, Montpelier Hill, Leap Castle, Renyle House Hotel in Galway, Ross Castle, St. Michan’s Church, Shelbourne Hotel and Wicklow Gaol. All of these locations, have some sort of apparition that has been sighted by more than one person. It seems strange things haunt these particular locations.

(Source: Disclose TV)

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