Belfast Halloween spirit spans several spooks

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A photograph taken in Belfast, Ireland last year, it seems to show several ghostly passengers captured on camera. The photo was taken by then 45 year old Jonathan Hanna. This is one of the most clear ghost photos ever seen. Perhaps the spirits were out and about, as this happened on Halloween. As seen, the photo appears to be taken in the daytime, which makes it rather interesting. It is believed, that spirits manifest themselves more so during the night.

Belfast ghosts on train

The two ghost spirits seen, appear to be translucent sitting down just past the doors, in the last train compartment. This photograph is certainly suspicious, as many things can be done with digital effects nowadays. If this is a real ghost snap, then it is certainly a spectacular one. This is what Jonathan Hanna said:

“It was in the folk bit and I was in a carriage and no one else was in it. I took a lot of pictures and got home and near died when I saw that. It spooked me, I could not believe it. A few people have asked if it was photoshopped but I don’t know how to do that.”

The location of this ghostly capture, was at The Ulster Folk and Transport Museum is situated in Cultra, Northern Ireland. This spot is located almost 7 miles east from the city of Belfast. There are several museums here including both the Folk Museum and the Transport Museum.

The museum is setup, for visitors to experience what life was like in Northern Ireland well over 100 years ago. There are various transport collections from Europe here including costumed locals, demonstrating traditional crafts in cottages, farm dwellings, schools, and shops. Other attractions include locomotives, horse-drawn carriages, vintage motorbikes, and cars.

When Jonathan Hanna took this photo, they didn’t expect a ghostly apparition to be looking back at them. The female ghost seen in the photograph, is believed to be a little girl allegedly captured in a jail where IRA terrorists were once held.

Ghost girl Crumlin Road Gaol Belfast

A photograph by 25 year old Carly Foster, was taken at Crumlin Road Gaol, back in 2016. Carly and her boyfriend Mark Whittle, were both on a paranormal tour. Ironically, it happened on Halloween, only this time…it was during the night. Some think that this is the same ghost spirit seen in both photographs. The little girls tortured soul it seems, simply cannot move on in the afterlife.

(Source: BelfastLive and Daily Star)

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