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A Sex Doll Funeral Agency Has Been Opened By A Pornstar Monk

The world has become far weirder. A Japanese firm is now having funerals for unwanted sex dolls. The fee for this service is around $700 dollars. These unusual services are officiated by a porn star known as Rei Kato. Before any of these life-size dolls are destroyed by a machine, a series of procedures are

Japanese Temple Mysteriously Hides Ancient Reptilian Statue

For whatever different reasons, a rather unusual looking statue was removed from Horyuji Nara Temple, Japan. It is unknown why but some suspect the statue might prove evidence of another race upon Earth. This would change our history and what we have been told. Whether or not this is all but a lie is unknown.

Lucky Child Spirit Steps Across Japanese Room

Known as Zashiki-warashi, these ghostly entities appear at some point around certain people. Also known as yokai or supernatural spirits, they are considered not threatening but instead a sign or symbol of luck and good fortune in Japanese culture. A video was taken by one Japanese man, who allegedly captured one of these very spirits.

Strange Conspiracy Surrounds Scary Japanese Girl Photograph

There are two sides to this photograph seen. One is that the Japanese girl featured, has been digitally manipulated in some way. The other belief is, this really happened and has since been covered up by various sources online. Both scenarios further add to the controversy surrounding this rather unusual photo. The young woman featured,

Woolly Mammoths Might Come Back To Life From Science

A team of scientists seek to resurrect one of the most incredible mammals ever to grace the planet…the Woolly Mammoth. They have been questing to find all the necessary DNA to bring forth this great land titan back to life. A Japanese team, first encouraged “biological activity” by taking 28,000 year old cells from a