Woolly Mammoths Might Come Back To Life From Science

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A team of scientists seek to resurrect one of the most incredible mammals ever to grace the planet…the Woolly Mammoth. They have been questing to find all the necessary DNA to bring forth this great land titan back to life. A Japanese team, first encouraged “biological activity” by taking 28,000 year old cells from a found frozen mammoth. They then placed them into mouse cells.

This entire project, is getting more funding and interest. Back in the year 2011, a rather well-preserved mammoth was found in Siberia. Immediately, this specimen was well taken care of and preserved by a number of individuals.

Things continued to escalate and now in 2019, further research with this project is taking place. It might take a bit of time but they are making progress with this idea. There are a number of steps left to take, including that of cell division before an actual mammoth will inhabit the world again.

This quest of sorts, has people excited and concerned. Anytime science begins to play “God” they open up a world of trouble to what exists in the world already. Habitats have been established around the lands and this would be a real monkey wrench thrown in to mix things up.

For now, this entire idea is lunacy and more hearsay. Kei Miyamoto who is a member of the research team at Kindai University in Japan, said they are very far from recreating a mammoth just yet. With five different cell nuclei taken from the extinct mammoth, they each apparently displayed biological reactions which happen just before cell division begins. So far, none of these have produced any kind of important cell divisions needed for a potential mammoth rebirth.

It has been more than 4000 years ago, since any kind of woolly mammoth has walked the Earth. Scientists think all of these animals died from both hunting and climate changes. Kindai University, is still seeking out other universities from both Japan and Russia, to further this type of research.

One can only imagine this massive mammoth moving through regions of the world. Estimations are, a fully grown male mammoth was around 9 to 11 feet tall and weighed in at around 6 tons.

“Despite the years that have passed, cell activity can still happen and parts of it can be recreated,” Mr. Miyamoto said.

According to what the team released in a statement, their work is to both provide and evaluate different biological activities of nuclei in extinct animal species. Who knows where all of this may lead, perhaps it will benefit the world in some way? We can only look to the future.

(Source: Herald Sun)

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