Japanese Temple Mysteriously Hides Ancient Reptilian Statue

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For whatever different reasons, a rather unusual looking statue was removed from Horyuji Nara Temple, Japan. It is unknown why but some suspect the statue might prove evidence of another race upon Earth.

This would change our history and what we have been told. Whether or not this is all but a lie is unknown. Speculations about this mystery statue, have people wondering what exactly took place to suddenly remove it from this temple.

Reptilian statue Horyuji Temple Japan

The statue was first removed away from public viewing back in 2017, from the temple of Hōryū-ji Nara, or of the Flowering Law, in Nara Prefecture in Ikaruga.

Since then, nobody publicly knows where it went or was taken to. Other locations in the world including the middle-east, have destroyed ancient documents and other remnants of the past. What is the reasoning behind this? 

Perhaps back in history, events took place that were covered up for secrecy. It is accepted that dinosaurs once roamed the world. Why couldn’t an ancient race of reptile type humanoids also exist?

There are those who want to control our lives and have an agenda. Some refer to them as the Illuminati. It is possible another secret type society exists that is controlling things from behind the curtain. 

Ancient civilizations from various parts of the world are likely protecting further information regarding reptilians. These non-human entities, may even have landed upon the Earth as space travelers. They could have been stranded here without a means of escape and adapted to the climate. 

There are other deities represented within many Mesoamerican cultures suggesting serpent type humanoids exist. These are known as Quetzalcoatl or the feathered serpents within the Mayan culture. Other places include the far east in Japan. This would be during the Edo era of the Shogun, from 1603 to 1868.

There have been theories about alien reptilians. They are believed to exist with us. These creatures have adapted themselves over time and even cross-bred with humans. Hybrids may exist in the world and various videos show people having serpent-like eyes. 

It does seem suspicious that this statue was removed from this temple. Allegedly, the statue still exists and has been hidden away inside. But since 2017, nobody has come forward about it. While it is another theory, these reptilians may in fact be extraterrestrial beings. 

One can only imagine how good they were at hunting to survive. Another wild theory states that deep underground there are cities of lizard people living there. If any real evidence has been discovered, then likely those individuals were killed to keep things quiet. For now, we can only wonder.

(Source: Soul Ask)

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