Were Alien Remains Really Found Inside The Vatican?

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Rather shocking claims have been made against the concealment of alien life. A theory exists mentioning that the Roman Catholic Church, concealed its knowledge of extraterrestrial life.

A documentary was released entitled: “Aliens and the Vatican”. In this documentary narrated by John B. Wells, a cover up has been suggested. It makes one wonder about the possibility. 

Located within the centuries-old vaulted basement of the Vatican Library, are claims of excavated skeletons not of this earth. This includes creatures such as cosmic cudzincom. A vault is located in the basement where dirt floors are. This vault hasn’t been stepped into for an estimated 500 years.

Alien remains

Seen in this compilation of photographs, is a worker holding one of these unusual looking skulls that don’t appear to be human. After this discovery, the Vatican Guard has since closed all access to the library.

A spokesman from the Vatican initially confirmed the findings with both anxiety and excitement. However, they later denied the discovery which is sometimes known as COMS.

Even the press during this discovery, began to question things. The Pope himself would later comment saying, “Whatever it is, the ancestors had good reason to bury it there and forget.” 

What does the Church actually know, that would reverse a 2000-year-old teaching? With all of these different conspiracy theories surrounding the Vatican…are they are the verge of releasing full disclosure? 

One can only wonder why things may have been kept secret for so very long. Quite possibly, the Vatican may have already made contact with alien life and has done so throughout time.

This would change everything that we know about our very history. There is the possibility, this was one big cover up. There must be great reasons for hiding something like this. Aside from changing religious beliefs, something else must be happening behind the scenes. 

Back in 2013, ufologists noticed what appeared to be a UFO flying over top the Vatican. This wasn’t really a drone, it looked like something else.

Is all of this a big deception? One person named Greg Tyler posted: “Satan is ‘an angel of light’ … and the pope is about to announce ‘aliens’ but in fact they are the ‘fallen angels / nephilim’ in ‘Genesis 6’ … that are about to bring the beast … compliments of the illuminati.”

(Source: Catholic League and Church Pop)

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