Strange Conspiracy Surrounds Scary Japanese Girl Photograph

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There are two sides to this photograph seen. One is that the Japanese girl featured, has been digitally manipulated in some way. The other belief is, this really happened and has since been covered up by various sources online. Both scenarios further add to the controversy surrounding this rather unusual photo.

The young woman featured, appears to defy physics…by bending her neck in a rather unnatural position.  Her head is bending to the left in an extreme way. Her neck looks completely broken or twisted comparably.

Why was this photograph released like this? Nobody seems to know the origination of where it came from. Perhaps this was someone having a good laugh, at everyone else’s expense. Regardless, this photograph remains unexplained entirely.

Strange Conspiracy Surrounds Scary Japanese Girl Photograph

Those who think the first photograph is real, believe that she was possessed by some kind of demon or other type entity. The other photograph shows her normally, as she is seen sitting next to her friends in the crowd. Where this took place and when isn’t know yet either. The only information given, was this photo was taken during a paranormal show somewhere in Japan.

What makes it even more creepy is…why someone or a group of people would attempt to cover up the photograph? They would have spent time to release a much better, more polished version of this, making it appear to be the original photo. Photos certainly can be easily manipulated nowadays with different programs. This only makes understanding what is real or not much more difficult.

The photo is simple but subtle, it suggests that something is wrong here. The “original” is easier to see and those in the crowd do not have a black bar line running across their face. This photograph dates back for quite some time, the exact year it appeared isn’t known. However, the controversial photo, has made its way around various internet forums online dedicated to paranormal type activity.

People do not know what to make of it, it remains both questionable and debatable.

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