Goblin Gets Caught On Camera Footage

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Many things about this world remain a real mystery. There have been cave paintings displaying UFO’s and dinosaurs which once roamed the lands. However, in more recent times, people are scouring around everywhere trying to find evidence of something remarkable. This time, someone spotted a small little figure frolicking through the wilderness. It seems to resemble the character Dobby from the Harry Potter franchise series. 

Is this more trickery or could it be something quite amazing found? Some think this is merely video editing and just another digital creation made. There are some who think this small little “Goblin” of sorts is another discovery made in the world. After all, humans haven’t discovered everything yet and likely they never will. 

Image: “Goblin” in the wild / Instagram

Who’s to say that this small creature below has been hiding away deep within the forests trying to survive. It is really an interesting video and if it is indeed real, then it is one of the greatest discoveries by mankind in quite some time. 

Back around 2019, there was video surveillance of an odd looking “creature” like this that resembles the one seen in this more recent video. Are they the same type species or perhaps distant cousins? The video posted showing this small sized creature shows it wandering down the driveway of someone’s home. 

Remarkably, the small goblin looking creature appears to be carrying a backpack of some sort as it hobbles through the rocks and running water seen in the video. This would show signs of intelligence – as the small goblin figured out how to fashion something like this together. We can presume that this goblin creature also made a weapon of some sort, to hunt with and defend itself while using it. 

Image: “Goblin” in the wild / Instagram

Funny enough, its rear is exposed as the video starts before it then turns and makes its way towards the left from where the camera perspective is. Then it begins to move for a while before turning its head to glance back the opposite direction. It is unknown who actually recorded this yet or where the location is. 

Image: “Goblin” in the wild / Instagram

The area does appear to be quite remote and there are many notable rocks around where the small sized goblin looking creature is. When it looks back it almost seems to hear something from behind it. Was there another goblin like this nearby or some kind of animal around? There are many questions about all of this and we can only speculate for now what really happened.

The user who posted this online shared it first so far. They go by the name of @evilone_030 on Instagram

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