A Sex Doll Funeral Agency Has Been Opened By A Pornstar Monk

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The world has become far weirder. A Japanese firm is now having funerals for unwanted sex dolls. The fee for this service is around $700 dollars. These unusual services are officiated by a porn star known as Rei Kato. Before any of these life-size dolls are destroyed by a machine, a series of procedures are held. 

Japanese people believe that dolls have souls too. These dolls shouldn’t simply be thrown away. There are even Shinto shrines used for rituals involving dolls. These shrines are used to hold farewell ceremonies. More often than not, they are distinctively Japanese dolls such as hina-nenges. During the month of March, the Hinamatsuri girls celebrate and the dolls are taken away. 

One company known as the ‘Human Love Doll Company’ offers similar services comparably. Arrangements are made and a personal farewell will then happen. During the funeral ceremony, the owner of the doll will be given a certificate along with a memorable photo and/or video. People have the option to refuse the certificate and the doll will be buried with other sex dolls. This fee comes to about 200 dollars typically. 

For those interested in a more personal experience, they will have to pay a 800 dollar fee. In return, the doll will be dismantled right in front of the owner’s eyes. A letter will be read during the ceremony as well and the doll owner will be able to keep the memory of the doll and its details. 


From what is understood, these sex dolls are later sent away to a waste recycling plant. The dolls are buried including ordinary soft toys and articulated dolls such as an action figure. 

Back during 2018, it was reported that the owner of one of the first British sex doll rental services was going to produce dolls for widowers reminiscent of their dead wives. She claims that she will provide dolls “not so much for sexual satisfaction, but for psychological comfort.”

It seems business has been good as there is a demand for such a service. Men have been replacing their broken dolls and want a formal goodbye. They even consider these dolls as a personal loss.

(Source: Soul Ask)

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