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Thousands Of People Are Planning To Storm Area 51

After all is said and done, there are far too many people who are simply fed up with the lack of transparency about Area 51. The government has kept many crucial things hidden away for all these years. Now, determined…users on Facebook have pledged to storm the Area 51 facility in Lincoln County, Nevada. This

5 Time travelers share Earth’s future

A video was put together by ApexTV on YouTube. In this video, are 5 separate interviews—which give varying accounts about time travel and the future of planet Earth. Also, more information is given about humans future existence. What each person says, (whether fake or not) is still quite fascinating to hear. The following, are summaries

The infamous Area 51 alien video interview

On Friday July 26th, 1996 the offices of Rocket Pictures received a phone call. On the other end of the line, was a male voice identifying themselves as “Victor”. What they mentioned was quite incredible, as they claimed they had a copy of an interview with an extraterrestrial being. The footage originated from the infamous

Dying CIA operative reveals details of Area 51

Back in March of 2013, an interview took place at an undisclosed location. What was learned from a former government employee was rather intriguing. Specifically, this man worked at the Area 51 base located in Lincoln County, Nevada, United States. During this time, he was dying and before his passing, he wanted to share his