5 Time travelers share Earth’s future

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Planet Earth time travel

A video was put together by ApexTV on YouTube. In this video, are 5 separate interviews—which give varying accounts about time travel and the future of planet Earth. Also, more information is given about humans future existence. What each person says, (whether fake or not) is still quite fascinating to hear. The following, are summaries about of each of these individuals and what they had to say.

Even this year in 2017, companies and governments around the world, are searching to expand further with artificial intelligence. Whoever first figures out its complexities, will essentially control the world in some way or another and certainly become rather wealthy.

Daily life will only further expand, with more technology coming—to aid the typical daily life of ordinary people. Already, robotics are advancing at a rapid pace and soon enough more will follow. The following information, is about each of the 5 time travelers, who share limited information out of fear of changing the future fate of the world.

Time traveler 1

1. The man in the dark

The first person interviewed, can actually be seen. Their name remains anonymous however, as they sit in the darkness talking. This is what they had to say, the people seen are talking on modern day cell phones, in different photographs from history. These are in fact not cell phones, but hearing aid devices instead.

These photographs have been deemed proof of time travel by a number of people. He then goes on to say that time travel does exist and that people of age may well live to see it. He claims that he was born 3 years before the first time machine existed. Initially, the government is the first to discover how to create a time machine.

Later, hackers reverse engineer this information and learn how to build them. He then says he was recruited by an independent agency, to spread news about future Earth. Resources have all but been depleted. The children of today and tomorrow, will not have the same amount of resources as once before. The Mars colonization program was only semi-successful. Only the wealthiest are able to move to Mars. This man said he was born in 2026 and Earth has become extraordinarily overpopulated.

5 Time travelers share Earth's future

2. Man leaves behind audio interview messages

This man begins quickly after leaving an audio message. Here is what he had to say. Most if not all human minds by the year 2500 will be reverse-engineered and then uploaded into a new digital reality. This essentially will make people immortal in some way. The mind will exist, within a new simulated environment.

At first, this was laughed off as nonsense, until eventually it becomes reality for people. This new reality will be better than what people are experiencing now in their life. In this new virtual type existence, there will be no disease, no suffering and people will live in a Utopian type society of sorts. There is nothing unwanted, unless someone desires the unexpected by their own choice.

By the year 2600, every ounce of information has been gathered and put online. From this point in time, only giant-sized computers will take up the physical space of planet Earth. It is unknown what will happen to the animals and other lifeforms.

Biological human beings still do exist. However, at some point in their life, they will upload their consciousness to the internet. People still will interact in a physical sense through the means of robots. These robots, will give people superhuman type powers in what they can do. All of this, will be made available to average citizens in the future. By the year 2650, Mars has been completely terraformed. From this, people are now able to inhabit planet Mars and by 2700, Venus and the Moon will soon follow.

Millions of people will live on these other planets. Traditional governments will no longer exist like they once used to. Vast amounts of online resources have helped to end conflict, war, poverty and diseases. Human beings at some point, will become biologically engineered as well.

By the year 3000, humans confirm the existence of extraterrestrials in the form of microbial life. However, no intelligent life has been discovered just yet. By the year 4000, computer science will reach its ultimate potential. For all of these reasons, this time traveler decided to return to our current time in the year of 2017 and enjoy a more simple kind of life.

Time traveler interview at park bench

3. Younger time traveler interviewed at park

While his image has been smudged out to keep his identity a secret, this mans blurred image makes him appear younger in age, perhaps in his early 20’s from his voice. The name “James” was used for the interview. James goes on to explain he was sent back in time.

He goes on to say, he was a part of a large scale agency to protect against large scale crimes. James and his agency, were apparently sent back in time, to stop disasters from occurring with specific key time traveling moments in mind.

Picked as the first crew leader, he explains why the government sent him back in time. There are military bases, which have been established as transfer sections. These time sections, allow for travel to certain places and moments in time.

Our section currently in this time, is known as Area 51 just like the named base location in Lincoln County, Nevada in the United States. The Area 51 location in Nevada, is meant for time travel purposes. James goes on to explain, that there is no longer multiple governments. In the not so far distant future, one government will exist in the world.

He declined to say which government takes over everything. Perhaps a new government will be established all together. James mentioned how everyone was worried that the world would end, back in 2012. He then said, that they had intervened to change the course of history.

The world was going to actually end back then but they stopped it. One can only imagine what they stopped or what threat was going to take place. The Mayan predictions of 2012, were in fact more time travelers sent back to that time section altering things for the fate of humanity.

The interviewer makes mention, that they were in an infinite loop even as the interview took place. Known as time section 1, it is the oldest point in time visited, that also has living creatures. James explains there are 2 different routes through time travel. The first is way is known as a tourist route, which is used for vacation purposes.

The travel itself, is comparable to riding a plane. There are baggage areas, a cockpit and even a bathroom. It takes up to 8 hours, for this time travel method to actually work. Prominent travel destinations can be traveled to and experienced throughout history.

Examples of this includes, The Gettysburg Address, The signing of the Declaration of Independence and even the first ever live movie. Even Walt Disney himself, can be met back in time. The second type of time travel is used for military purposes. This process is much quicker, only taking minutes but the traveler experiences extraordinary pain from their journey. Traveling to the future is also possible, as James jokes how he gets back to the future where he is from.

From what is said, another war is coming, World War III. It begins with the second civil war in America. North Korea, apparently is able to bomb the east coast of the United States, within the next 4 years. James explains that this is why he is telling the interviewer now—as if this doesn’t happen, then people will only think he is crazy as well as this interview. If this event isn’t stopped, then James said he wouldn’t be alive to return to 2017 for the interview in the first place.

4. Audio interview about the future of the world

In a rather somber voice, this man states that he is a time traveler. He then goes on to say, that what he says, people are probably not going to believe. His message is a simply one, it is about the future of Earth and humanity. He claims that he is one of hundreds who have traveled from the future, to go back to the past to spread the word about the world’s fate.

Contacting as many people as possible, he says that by the year 2100, the world’s population will reach a staggering 12 billion people. Africa has doubled its population since the year 2017. Poverty levels are higher than ever and there is a worldwide food shortage. In less than 100 years, our world will be a much different place due to pollution and lack of environmental care. Even though people now may not live to see this, their children and grandchildren probably will. His state is a simple one, we need to improve the environment for the future of the world.

Time traveler interview at park

5. Time traveler meetup at public park

The production team of ApexTV, went to meet up with another young man in a public park. His face and voice has been distorted to keep his identity safe. He goes on to say that his intention is not to deceive anybody. For safety of everyone and how the world will be, this guy wants to share his message.

In the year 2004, he was selected as a part of a top secret program, to be sent forward in the future. Specifically, he was sent to the year 2100. He goes on to say, that there are future issues we need to address now, to prevent things from happening in the future. This man says that he is breaching disclosure agreements by being interviewed.

The last thing the people who sent him into the future want, is for him to share any information to the general public. He has since been sent there and back from 2004 to 2100 several times. Irreversible climate change becomes the number one priority by 2100. As previously with the audio interview heard, this man also says that people need to change their ways now and start caring what we do to the environment.

Overpopulation becomes another primary issue Earth. To rectify this, people are sent to other planets to live. The only planet mentioned is Mars, as he holds back further information about the other planets. He does state that in the year 2028, time travel to the past, will be possible for people. He used the word ‘products’.

With this, perhaps those in charge, weren’t happy with those who shared too much information and could simply eliminate them all together, erasing them from any kind of existence. He explains that artificial intelligence becomes far greater than the capacity of a human being.

This becomes an epic problem for humanity, as the artificial intelligence created now seeks to control us and the world. Regulations should exist to prevent this from spiraling out of control in the now. Otherwise, humans will be in great danger in the future.

Earth at some point, will have to be terraformed for it to thrive longer as Co2 becomes a problem in the air. While there is much that can get out of control, he said there are benefits to this newfound artificial technology that is on its way. This unknown man said that some videos are circulating, which show people teleporting in certain locations. This is really happening and that they are colleagues of his.

All of this is quite incredible to think about, perhaps some of it holds some truth and it is difficult to believe that this is really happening. Humans need to take action now before its too late!

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