UFO hovers near the Statue of Liberty

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Statue of Liberty photo UFO

What appears to be some sort of UFO was near lady liberty herself. The video was uploaded on December 10th on YouTube. There is much speculation to whether or not this is nothing more than a balloon of some sort. The video was taken by lady who hasn’t been identified yet. It is interesting, the object appears to stop suddenly directly above the statue.

With all of the things happening in the United States and elsewhere (in recent times) it may well be time to set aside our differences and start to look up at the sky, to see whats going on more often. We may well be in the midst of something greater which is coming our way. Certainly with the upcoming solar eclipse, something seems a bit off lately.

Statue of Liberty UFO spotted

Some people believe this UFO to be nothing more than some sort of surveillance drone. The airway here can be busy with traffic above the New York harbor area. Is this simply some type of toy flying around by remote control? The amateur video footage, appears to be taken by a mobile phone by the same woman who pointed it out. She then mentions it to someone nearby her, as she is heard in the video clip speaking.

The statue of liberty is certainly one of the most recognizable landmarks in the United States, if not the most. This UFO has no markings such as lights and/or engine exhaust fumes which is also rather odd. It’s erratic flying pattern makes this sighting rather eerie. Is this new technology or something else?

Might this be some sort of extraterrestrial scout drone scouring the area for observation? No official response has been given by the government about this yet. No airports or monitoring stations have reported anything about this since it happened.

Statue of Liberty UFO

What is known, is that this woman and her supposed sister-in-law—were visiting the statue when they documented this unidentified object. The shape is circular with gray areas located towards the center. Light seems to be reflecting on its surface meaning it must be made from some sort of plastic or metal surface.

There have been reports of silver orb type spaceships, which have performed astonishing aeronautical feats. This is one of the only known black type orb UFO’s caught on video—which simply cannot be explained.

People have commented about this video, as speculations run high of what exactly it is. The original recording, which has been uploaded to YouTube, can be viewed below. It is quite interesting to see and there have been more UFO’s spotted near lady liberty before as well.

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