Lady From Beyond The Grave

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While people visit a graveyard, they are there to pay their respects to the dead or to learn more about past history. What if the dead actually responded? Several girls went to a graveyard when they were younger. Daring each other, they stayed until dark to explore one remote graveyard out in the countryside. Their curiosity got the better of them, as they continued to read gravestones around in the cemetery.

They were preoccupied with what they were doing, at first they didn’t notice a woman in the distance who was there. She appeared to be walking aimlessly alone in the cemetery. One of the girls eventually noticed her and wanted to leave.

The other girl insisted that they stay for a while longer. They continued for a while and by this time, the night was vastly upon them. It was getting darker outside. Just as they were about to head back home and leave the cemetery…a woman stopped them saying, “You girls shouldn’t come in here, it isn’t safe here at night”.

Ghost Woman At Graveyard

The girls explained that they were just playing around. When they turned around to walk away, the lady was gone. It was as if she vanished into thin air. Both girls were confused and didn’t know what to make about this.

Years later, the girls believe that the woman in actuality was a ghost of some kind. Maybe something else lingered here during the night hours. Did this alleged ghost woman actually help them? There are many mysterious instances of paranormal activity, that happens during the nighttime hours.

Ghosts haunting cemeteries and abandoned buildings, are likely the best places to find a ghost according to paranormal hunters and other enthusiasts. However, there have been instances of ghosts manifesting inside of cars, boats and other vehicles as well.

Needless to say, people are superstitious in general and the influence of cinema, has played a part in shaping people’s thoughts about paranormal type activities. Many ghostly tales, have been passed down by campfires around the world as well.

Ghosts are the most encountered entities overall. These spirits are trapped between both the land of the living and the dead, until they can move forward into the afterlife forever. Now that these girls are older, perhaps they will think twice before entering a cemetery at night.

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