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Date Gone Wrong, Seduced By A Succubus

What we know about demonic entities in the world is simple, they are here to disrupt our everyday living. Known as a succubus, these female demons (feminine by appearance) have sucked the very life away from many unsuspecting men. An example of this, is a date gone wrong. This is a short film, about a

Man Makes Contact With Otherworldly Womanly Entity (At Night)

While staying at their friends home somewhere within Los Angeles, it was getting late as a young man slept in their guest room. Not more than an hour had passed, until he started tossing and turning unable to sleep much if at all. Sometimes people can experience what is known as sleep paralysis. This condition

UFOs spotted 80 years apart seem quite similar

People have their moments of clarity, in certain moments. This time, a man’s daughter caught quite a comparison from 1937, that looks quite similar to another photograph taken this year in 2017. Both of these photographs, appear to show a UFO of sorts, flying through the sky. The first one, was a fluke…randomly taken by

Man transforms himself into a gender less alien

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and often one person sees something that another simply doesn’t. Many people feel like they are outcasts and don’t fit or belong to society. More often than not, people are ridiculed for what the believe or stand for. Everyone is different and has a place and purpose