Date Gone Wrong, Seduced By A Succubus

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What we know about demonic entities in the world is simple, they are here to disrupt our everyday living. Known as a succubus, these female demons (feminine by appearance) have sucked the very life away from many unsuspecting men. An example of this, is a date gone wrong. This is a short film, about a demonic female encounter.

The film was produced by Crypt TV. They are a team located in Los Angeles and collaborate with storytellers from around the world. Their mission is to bring forth the next generation of scary monster stories to life. Perhaps by doing this, they can better understand how anything like this could ever exist in the first place. There are some things out there that go bump in the night, that are rather questionable to say the least.

Everything seems to be going fine at first for this fellow in the video, until he soon realizes he has been seduced by her charms. It was too late for him to go on any further. She then climbs on top of him and spreads her wings with a fiendish fervor of delight – before she makes a snack out of him.

Seduced By A Succubus

A succubus demon, is believed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping men. Some believe that when they have a wet dream, it is in actuality a succubus having sex with them. These demons take on the form of a woman, in order to lure and seduce a man. The male counterpart is known as a incubus. Likewise, they go after women at night, in attempts to seduce and have sex with them.

Often the representation of a succubus is a highly attractive seductress. The succubi, are more often depicted as something more demonic by nature and come across far more frightening.

This video can be seen on Facebook located here.

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