Fallen angel lands in London

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This was quite a sight to see, assumed to be some kind of art project gone right or wrong depending how someone perceives this. Seen in video footage and photos floating around, display what looks like a fallen angel.

Fallen angel London

It is quite unusual and has captured the attention of many people wandering the streets of London. This winged old lady, dressed in white…lays on the ground as if she had fallen from Heaven itself. It is both biblical and profound to anyone who happened to pass by.

Fallen angel in London

Apparently, this was from an art installation back in 2008. Artists Sun Yuan & Peng Yu entitled this piece simply “Angel”. Although it is rather creepy, as actual cadavers allegedly were used in the creation of this art project. All of this was to give the appearance of a hyper-realistic sculpture. The purpose of this, was to introduce both maginary and mythological subjects into regular, everyday life.

What is seen, is an elderly looking woman, wearing a white gown with featherless wings protruding from her back. She is seen, lying face down upon the ground. The entire thing is both fascinating and foul.

This creation gives the illusion that something might happen next. One can’t help wonder whether or not she will awake suddenly. Did this angel fall from grace? Perhaps she is merely sleeping, as she lays there eternally frozen in both time and place.

When the story first spread across social media, people thought that the end of the world was near. When we see things such as this, it humbles us. We can’t help but think that all of this existence, is merely a moment for us. Our spirits and souls, are destined for greater things beyond this lifetime.

Certainly the artists responsible for this, should be given praise for their great work done. This caused quite a stir and still does. This artwork, also has people thinking about what is really important in their life. Will we ever seen a real angel one day? Perhaps so.

Fallen angels gather around

However, like many things, we won’t believe it until we can see it with our own eyes. Humans are curious creatures, which often gets us into trouble sometimes. This is how we learn as mankind continues to question everything around them in this existence.

Since this piece was public ally on display in London, it has made its way around other locations around the world. Someone noted, that this no angel and has pointed wings. Perhaps this was something more demonic instead or that was the intention of the piece. These photos, continue to spread their wings around the internet today. Sun Yuan & Peng Yu have a website located here.

(Source: NDTV)

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