Los Angeles Man Witnessed Strange Humanoids From A Time Portal Glitch

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While people have witnessed different things in their life, they often wonder what it is that they really had seen. Our minds can play tricks upon us sometimes, the things that we see seem so real they may not actually have been there in the first place. One man from Los Angeles said he came across an unusual apparition of sorts that appeared before his very eyes. 

Los Angeles Man Witnessed Strange Humanoids From A Time Portal Glitch

It happened about 7 years ago, while he was sitting inside his car listening to music. It was late at night and he estimated it was about 3:00 AM. He was parked in his friends driveway, waiting for them with the car lights off. At first, it was his peripheral vision that noticed something moving out of the corner of his eye. 

He best described what appeared to be a man shaped body that seemingly appeared from white smoke. This body seemed to be made from a kind of fog and looked like an image being projected into it. He watched as this man seemed to glide across the street effortlessly. It appeared as if he was floating off from the ground below. 

It was difficult to make out much detail and he couldn’t see his face. This humanoid of sorts never looked towards him. However, he also noticed several other humanoids that seemed to be crossing the street as well. The others were several homes down from where he was. The one closest him was directly in front of his car about 3 or 4 feet away.

Rather remarkably, the figure then began to disappear right before his very eyes. This figure was merely a torso with legs by the time he reached the middle of the street. The man thought he was hallucinating and felt both confused and startled. Things then became even weirder as his stereo then seemed to shut off by itself. Everything went silent around him. 

He recalled listening to ‘Valley of the Saroos’ by Atlas Sound on CD. Frantically, he ejected the CD and then put it back in changing tracks but there was still no sound. He wondered if this was some kind of poltergeist experience. To this day, this encounter still haunts his thoughts. He had no idea what exactly these things were and if some kind of portal had opened up letting these things into our world.

Upon further analyzing the song ‘Valley of the Saroos’ he discovered it was actually a cover of the Joe Meek song. Back in the 1960’s, Meek was a kind of pioneer of sorts who experimented with music. 

Back in 1967, Meek murdered his landlady and then shot himself using a shotgun. Before this, he had no idea about Joe Meek’s personal life until this point. The experimental sounds he used are rather eerie. Maybe these sounds channeled something and opened up a portal only to let loose these humanoid apparitions upon that night. One can only wonder.

(Source: Reddit)

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