German girl shrine of Singapore

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In Singapore exists a shrine which is dedicated to a young woman known as “German Girl”. She was taken by WWI soldiers. After this happened; she died. There are several theories of how she did die. One theory is she died from starvation and others believed that she fell from a large cliff while trying to escape from her capture.


A shrine located at the Na Du Gu Niang Temple was constructed to soothe her savage spirit as she seemed restless. Less than 100 years later, a local man had experienced a dream which lasted for three nights. In this dream, there was a Caucasian girl which led him to a shop telling him to buy a Barbie doll. After doing this, it was put placed upon the shrine at the temple. It still remains here today years later. People have come to worship this doll in remembrance of the fallen girl from World War I.


The identity of this girl is still yet unknown, but the story began during the 1910’s just before the first World War between (1914-1918). This girls German family was living on Pulau Ubin there they owned a coffee plantation located in the northeastern part of the island of Singapore. The British military forces gathered up the plantation owner and his family.

The frightened daughter escaped into the wilderness. She was said to be around 18 years old. Her family was then sent to a detention barracks and never seen again. The young girls body was found covered in ants by the Malay plantation workers. They used incense, flowers and held a small ceremony giving the girl a proper burial. These workers apparently were treated well by her parents.


At the shrine, there was an urn which was later robbed by poachers. It was of some monetary value. It is believed these people practiced black magic. The only known remains left are of the girls corpse, worshipers here came to give their offerings which included perfumes, mirrors, fruits and flowers.

After this happening, research done by the Singapore Paranormal Investigators (SPI) have contemplated theories of a paranormal presence in this area. These lost artifacts from the burial site which were taken have stirred the spirit of German Girl. It is believed some type of sorcery and/or dark magics were practiced while trying to communicate to the dead.

Recently members of a film crew reenacted the legend for a movie production and became possessed on the spot. One person vomited repeatedly after having touched the urn which was left there. A girl who was dressed up as the German Girl in costume suddenly started speaking German. Perhaps her spirit has been left behind lingering in the temple. Her spirit is also believed to have helped worshipers by blessing them by winning good fortunes such as the lottery.

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