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North Carolina Man Rattled From Recent Bigfoot Sighting

A man named Jesse Walker from Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina said he encountered Bigfoot recently which left him rattled. After the encounter, he was recorded explaining his encounter by Cryptozoology and Paranormal Museum Owner Stephen Barcelo who investigated the location. The state of North Carolina is no stranger to Bigfoot sightings over the years, this marks

No Clowning Around, Suspect Found After Stealing Pizzas And Scaring People

Several suspects have been discovered after police received tips about someone dressed up as a clown in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina. A number of motorists reported seeing a clown running in and out of traffic throwing things at nearby passing cars. At first, the suspects were nowhere to be found, until later when someone discovered

Driver In North Carolina Spots Bigfoot Crossing The Road

A woman named Eboni Byrd from North Carolina, believes she witnessed Bigfoot. The bizarre encounter took place in the town of Littleton last Friday evening. While no photographic evidence was taken, her video testimony is rather compelling.  According to her, she was out to mail some packages. After arriving at an intersection, she stopped bit

Stone Carved Face Found Stumps Archaeologists

This stone carved face was found in North Carolina recently. Someone was plowing a field located in Newton Grove, when they struck a large stone in the ground. The stone was then moved over towards the edge of a field area.  Mary Beth Fitts is an assistant archaeologist from the North Carolina Office of State

Unknown Humanoid Destroys Property Causes Panic In North Carolina

Using a flashlight at night, a woman attempts to track down something on her property. She initially was freaked out and is often heard cursing in this video. At the beginning, what sounds like a growling type sound, can be heard…as she shines light on top of a roof. It is unknown where this took