Engineer Sees “Space Portal” In His Own Backyard

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Recently a report came in from The National UFO Reporting Center. It seems one engineer witnessed something extraordinary. While he was outside in his own backyard in Piqua, Ohio. This unknown man, looked over to see what resembled a large square hovering in his backyard. 

He believes this was some kind of “Space Portal” of sorts. Perhaps inter-dimensional beings were traversing here and he caught the ending moment of a portal closing.

The man explained this happened on Monday, July 15th at 8:25 PM. The object in question, was only there for a few mere moments. He believes it is something not man made. This engineer also said he works in the aviation industry. 

Could it be that some kind of alien beings were interested in what he was working on? When asked further about this object, he said it was a very dark looking hole. After he noticed it, this portal vanished quickly by moving away at a very high speed.

One can only imagine what it might have looked like. This photo was a re-creation sent in. The man also said this object caused light distortion around its trailing edge.

It then suddenly accelerated and streaked off into the distance. Anyone would have been shocked by something like this! It seems he was emotionally affected by the experience as well. For several months he continued to think about what he had seen. 

The National UFO Reporting Center interviewed him and found the man to be exceptionally eloquent and serious-minded. Given the fact that he is an engineer and likely would not fabricate such a story his word to them meant something anyway. There was no video or photograph evidence of this moment captured unfortunately. Only this man’s testimony about it.

This is what the man said: 

“An opening (hole, portal) in the fabric of space. During the early evening of July 15, 2019, as dusk approached I witnessed in my backyard what I can only describe as a “hole” in the fabric of space. It was a quick event, but long enough for me to observe and mentally register the event. When I saw it, I was unnerved to the point I left the area rather quickly, but the next morning I took a photograph from the observational vantage point and doctored it in PowerPoint to capture what I saw. The Event: I had my head down, dragging a pressurized water hose out to the garden. As I came around the corner of the house, I looked up and observed what is shown in the image.”

For now, nobody knows what to make of this. It however is interesting, as many people have witnessed different bizarre objects before. This one is kind of different and likely was something created from an advanced being from another time and/or place.

(Source: National UFO Reporting Center)

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