Driver In North Carolina Spots Bigfoot Crossing The Road

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A woman named Eboni Byrd from North Carolina, believes she witnessed Bigfoot. The bizarre encounter took place in the town of Littleton last Friday evening. While no photographic evidence was taken, her video testimony is rather compelling. 

According to her, she was out to mail some packages. After arriving at an intersection, she stopped bit a short moment.

During this time, she looked over to see what resembled Bigfoot just ahead of where her vehicle was. Was this someone goofing around in a costume? Anything is possible but she believes it was the real deal. 

Eboni said, “It was like a big, broad-shouldered thing. It stood upright like a human and his arms went down past his knees and it was walking ape-like.”

Eboni Byrd from North Carolina Bigfoot Witness

While bedazzled by what she had seen, she soon turned the corner with her vehicle and thought to herself, “Wait a minute, that was Bigfoot.” She also commented, “it was not a human.”

She continued to the post office, because it was going to close soon. After dropping off her packages, there were no signs of any kind of creature around.

This isn’t a publicity stunt to get attention, she just couldn’t get the thought of this hairy humanoid out of her mind. Later, she ended up contacting cryptozoologist Stephen Barcelo who reported about the encounter.

Eboni vividly shared her story about the unusual encounter. She also said, “I have no reason to lie. I have no reason to bring this attention to myself.” Clearly, she was still shaken up about the event.

Interestingly enough, she said the Bigfoot wasn’t as tall as most people believe it to be. This Bigfoot creature was around 5.5 foot tall, it was dark colored and certainly was not human. 

Something like this is difficult to believe and seems crazy to most people. However, Eboni sincerely believes what she witnessed. The population of Littleton, North Carolina is small at around 700 people. Remote locations like these are more plausible, as less people are around the area. 

(Source: Coast To Coast AM)

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