Stone Carved Face Found Stumps Archaeologists

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This stone carved face was found in North Carolina recently. Someone was plowing a field located in Newton Grove, when they struck a large stone in the ground. The stone was then moved over towards the edge of a field area. 

Mary Beth Fitts is an assistant archaeologist from the North Carolina Office of State Archaeology. She explained the man who found this, didn’t just find some random stone…when he turned it over, he noticed the carved out face located on the opposite side. He later contacted the Office of State Archaeology, Mary Fitts said. 

Unidentified Stone Carved Face Found Stumps Archaeologists

So far, many experts have been unable to identify what this stone is. Mary also said, “It’s a very unusual artifact, we haven’t seen anything like that before. We’re hoping maybe someone has seen something like it. Normally, we would be able to do research into similar artifacts, but it is beyond or usual methods.” 

Later on, the entire rock was digitally scanned and a 3-D rendering was then posted on social media. The hope is someone out there knows it’s true origination. The dimensions of the stone object made from sandstone is 22.2 inches long and 15.75 inches wide.

Likely a specific tool was used to create this. Something custom made. Sandstone rock is much softer and easier to shape than other rocks found in North Carolina, according to Mary.

The age of the carved stone face object is a mystery, because it’s made from limestone. While special tools aren’t needed to carve a stone like this, it doesn’t mean that something special wasn’t used either. Mary commented, “It could be of any age.”

While many archaeologists believe that the Native Americans did reach the state of North Carolina, they also believe Native Americans discovered the state “not long after people first crossed into the New World from Siberia during the final stages of the last Ice Age, or Pleistocene era,” and can “trace the chronicle of Native Americans to at least 12,000 years ago,” according to the Office of State Archaeology.

Perhaps someone out there will know what this is and more information about it will be presented as many wonder what this might be. It may even change history in America.

(Source: News Observer)

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