North Carolina Man Rattled From Recent Bigfoot Sighting

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A man named Jesse Walker from Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina said he encountered Bigfoot recently which left him rattled. After the encounter, he was recorded explaining his encounter by Cryptozoology and Paranormal Museum Owner Stephen Barcelo who investigated the location.

The state of North Carolina is no stranger to Bigfoot sightings over the years, this marks one of the most recent encounters in recent times. Local media came to the scene as Jesse explained what he had seen. Clearly Jesse was shaken up over the entire encounter that happened in Littleton. 

North Carolina Man Rattled Over Bigfoot Sighting

The description given was fairly typical as Jesse said the Bigfoot was approximately six-feet-tall and was slightly hunched over. The bipedal beastly figure had shaggy black fur and some of the largest feet ever seen by Jesse. It all started after Jesse went outside to take out the trash. He had no idea this day would forever change his life. 

Many people believe in Bigfoot and there are many who willingly attempt to hunt down these creatures. Some think Jesse was mistaken as he might have only seen a bear of some kind. However, while bears can stand upright on their hind legs, they typically wouldn’t walk on them only. Certainly circus bears are trained to do so but this seemed different, it wasn’t any kind of bear. 

The infamous Sasquatch has managed to elude many for quite some time. Perhaps there are answers but until people see real evidence they can only speculate about it for now. Jesse went on to explain that the momentary encounter only lasted briefly. 

The Bigfoot glanced over at him and then turned to flee into the wilderness nearby. For sure this would scare most people away as well. This location has previously been rumored with Bigfoot encounters before including one sighting reported about back during November of last year. 

Some do question whether or not this was a publicity stunt of sorts, to get people into the nearby Cryptozoology and Paranormal Museum here. The sighting apparently wasn’t far from where the museum is located. 

Stephen Barcelo, owner of the museum explained that he heard an emotionally drained man weeping over his recent encounter. Barcelo and some colleagues subsequently ventured out to the area where the sighting occurred and found broken branches as well as depressed grass, but no prints were found yet. Perhaps more news will be made available about this soon enough.

(Source: Coast To Coast AM)

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