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The Little Ghostly One

David’s girlfriend Becky was falling asleep while driving through Prescott, Arizona. The window was rolled down a bit, to help keep a gentle breeze flowing through their car. David was determined to finish their journey down a narrow highway road. Around them outside, was a combination of forest and meadows all around.  It was a

Why Do Some People Become Ghosts Upon Death?

It remains to be an interesting topic. Yet people can speculate about this all that they want. Nobody really knows until they are gone, but it is assumed there are reasons which keep people lingering behind in the world. Why this happens to some people is quite a thought and a compelling mystery.  Many different

Pharmacy Worker Witnesses Two Alien Weirdos At Night

It was late at night and one pharmacy worker described a most unusual encounter they had one evening. It was around 1:00 AM when an elderly looking man entered the pharmacy store where they worked. This man walks up to the counter and then asks, “Hey, is it OK if I just hang out until

Strange Humanoids Spotted In The Wilderness Of Virginia

Whatever this thing was, it has since scared people living in and around remote parts of Virginia. According to several posts made on Reddit, there have been sightings and/or unexplained happenings going on. Speculations run wild about this, as some think this thing is a crawler type creature or entity of some kind. It is

Are Mirrors Portals For Ghosts?

Are mirrors a portal for ghosts to enter through? It might seem so, many believe that mirrors are a vessel of sorts to bring forth spirits into our conscious world surroundings. Throughout time, there have been numerous stories related to ghosts and spirits alike. Most of these are considered haunted tales and many believe that