Alien Entity Interacts With Unknown Bearded Man At Night

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From what is understood about this video, it seems an alien entity of sorts reaches out even to shake “hands” with an unknown man. The video was shared not long ago on X social media and appears to show a bearded man. Where this took place isn’t known but this video might date back to 2017. 

entity with man
Image: YouTube

Neither the man or this gray alien appear to talk verbally, as they are not far from one another. The consensus is, they are using some sort of telepathic communication. If this is true, then obviously the alien has this ability as it then continues to communicate in some kind of way. Both of them seem to be facing one another during the night. The weather doesn’t seem to be very cold as no breath is seen. This would mark the time as being during the warmer months wherever this took place.

This mystery man may or may not be affiliated with some kind of government. Speculation is, he is a scientist and possibly in charge of this encounter. Other speculations include this being a clip from a movie but this is unknown yet either. The appearance of this alien is quite typical from many paranormal encounters such as this. This alien seems to have a typical skin tone that many people have previously reported about being a pale gray color.

Image: YouTube

The eyes are large and dark with the mouth being smaller. The body of this alien appears to be somewhat tall with its head being quite large as well. Again, much speculation here but the man does at one point in the video reach out and seems to offer his hand towards the alien. Much like a typical handshake that humans would do. As mentioned in the video narration by UFO SECTION 51, the handshake seems quite formal. 

This man at one point seems to gesture pointing off into the distance. What he refers to is anyone’s best guess. However, we can only assume that it was of some kind of significance. Was a deal being made? One can only wonder. As seen in the video, they both appear to be standing on some kind of platform or small deck of sorts. Obviously, someone else was there recording the encounter. What they used isn’t known, but the light is bright enough to illuminate both of them enough to see much detail. 

Mentioned in the video are statements saying the authenticity of this video isn’t credible, but how would anyone know for sure. Something like this would be considered a leak of sorts online but it could be manipulated with digital technology as well. There are many tools out there to accomplish this. If this is real, then it is quite remarkable. Nobody known to the mass public has interaction like this documented on camera like this.

Who knows what secrets remain hidden away from us. We can only guess what is really happening until disclosure happens for real. With everything going on around us we are being manipulated in some way. The reason is likely some kind of control since our system is so very fragile. Maybe more information about this video will be presented soon. 

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