A Creepy Baby Horror Story

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When children see things or perceive things, they might be telling the truth. An obscure but brief story made its way online, after someone shared how their oldest sister discovered something sad yet creepy at the same time.

One day, a sibling was talking with their mother. The mother then explained something simply terrifying. When their oldest sister was only 3 years old, she asked her pregnant aunt to pick her up and as she wanted to be held. The child’s mother said, her daughter couldn’t be picked up because she has a baby in her tummy. The 3 year old child then replied, “That baby is dead!”

Of course something like this would freak anyone out. Thinking nothing of it at first, everyone there said everything was fine. After all, this was just a 3 year old with an active imagination right?

Creepy baby death horror story

As it turns out, when the aunt went to visit her doctor for a routine pregnancy checkup, the baby was actually dead. It was the most damning news any parent could ever expect. Now, this lady had to live with this for the rest of her life. A nightmare for any parent and a great tragedy.

Questions about this remain…how this little 3 year old girl, could know such a thing. Do children possess a type of perception, that scientifically cannot be explained? It is really weird and things such as this have happened to others. It is believed that children are able to see spirits that adults cannot. Perhaps this young girl, could actually see the spirit of her lost cousin somehow.

Perhaps children are hard-wired to learn through their imagination and pretend play. Maybe they can perceive things faster and more easily than adults do. Their imagination is quite strong and as people age they typically lose this. Only a small percentage of people, seem to keep such active imaginations. They usually follow a path in the creative arts.

Was this just a guess or was it something else? After all, people only use a small percentage of their brain. Sometimes they tend to slip between both fantasy and reality far too often. Children undoubtedly do this each day and it is a natural thing for them to have such an active imagination. Still though, this doesn’t explain how this little girl simply “knew” that the baby died.

(Source: Horror Movie Blog)

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