These Oddities Are Known As ‘Cornerfolk’

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These oddities are known as ‘Cornerfolk’. They are small sized entities that appear typically in the top corners of the ceiling. They appear seemingly from out of nowhere and have yet to be entirely explained. Speculation is, they are some kind of interdimensional travelers or creatures that cross over into our world. 

Image: Riley Tillon / YouTube / Mister Manticore

One person known on YouTube as ‘Mister Manticore’ posted an experience over the course of a year or so. The person’s name is believed to be Riley Tillon and they became quite obsessed about ‘Cornerfolk’ and the ‘Cornerworld’ even losing their job in the process of observing these things.

Image: YouTube / Mister Manticore

What the videos show is shocking yet compelling to see. These small entities seem to burst into the room at incredible speeds making them quite difficult to see. However, as seen in the video there are some captures recorded after the frames of the video were slowed down quite considerably. 

Why these things keep appearing in their room is unknown. Perhaps they are appearing more often than not around the world. Some people seem to be a beacon for them in some way. Much like a lighting rod ready to absorb a sudden strike from above. They tend to gravitate towards them. Maybe they are observing them for whatever reason, even interacting with them in some kind of way.

Image: YouTube / Mister Manticore

From what is explained, these small entities can be found resting in the corners of rooms in someone’s home. This man explained there is a ‘Cornerworld’ where these entities originate from. We can keep an open mind about this. Surely there are other living creatures around the universe or beyond. Maybe these are scouts from their species able to document our world as they continue to study us. 

After the video postings, this man needed medical attention of some kind. It is unknown whether or not these treatments were mental or physical, possibly both. It’s easy enough to dismiss him as being psychotic or delusional. However, this is a typical human response to things we don’t quite understand yet. 

Maybe there are others out there who have experienced something similar such as this. They might have some kind of documentation about this as well – whether it be video recordings or photographs of some kind. 

Mister Manticore uploaded this video 3 years ago and so far the video was viewed nearly 2 million times. The only updates found in regards to Riley Tillon – is that he was under the care of his close friends after local authorities found him asleep in the corner of his room. ‘The Cornerworld’ and ‘Cornerfolk’ might just be theoretical or fictionalized yet they are a fascinating thought to behold by him. 

Image: YouTube / Mister Manticore

These entities seemed to have taunted him into such a bizarre state of mind to the point that he needed help. Let’s hope he got help and it would be interesting to know whether or not these things continued to appear in his life. During the video he mentioned whether or not his body would survive the forces of the ‘Cornerworld’ or not.

He proclaimed the fear of his own destruction will not prevent his entry. Strangely enough, it is mentioned in the video below that his organs were “folded” along various axes which warranted him immediate medical attention.

It seems that Riley Tillon began making origami yet he never was taught to do so. This short video was made by Alex Casanas regarding the entire series of incidents. This is one mystery that needs further explanation. 

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