Alien accidentally recorded at remote graveyard

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Alien in graveyard

While many things can go bump in the night, sometimes in broad daylight unexplained things can emerge out of nowhere it seems. This video clip, is one of the most mysterious alien recordings ever seen.

Rather cheesy music was added to the video and very little information is known about this video. It is unclear whether or not it comes from part of a budget movie or remarkably is the real deal. This has been simply labeled alien at graveyard. Whoever originally uploaded this, still hasn’t come forward with any information. It however was first uploaded 12 years ago, sometime in 2005.

From what is known, the video shows an alien creature peering out from behind a larger sized tombstone. At first, it is difficult to see—until you look closer at the playback. What is seen, is a remote cemetery location which gives this setting a rather creepy atmosphere. In the distance, a forest can be seen.

Alien at graveyard zoom

Originally, whoever recorded this, didn’t notice the alien at first. When they panned around the graveyard with their camera, they just happened to capture this alien. It wasn’t until they looked back at the video footage, when they first spotted this alien being.

If this is real, it makes one wonder why this alien was here at this graveyard. What was its purpose for it being here? Perhaps, it was merely scouting this location for another reason and observing people and things here.

Two wild theories about this alien. First of all, the alien might have been buried here—only to later dig its way out of a grave. Was it thought to be already dead only to later return to life? Government conspiracies would make one wonder if something was done to this alien. It seems to be moving rather slowly like it was injured or recently stunned.

The other theory is, that the alien was collecting samples of dead people buried here. However, no visible signs of the ground being dug around this location was seen in the video. Is this nothing more than someone dressed up in some kind of costume? Perhaps so. Some kind of special effects could have been added in and this is possible as well.

Alien at graveyard closeup

The quality of the video is rather poor but good enough to make out some details. The alien was zoomed in at 500% to further see more detail. It appears to have green and gray colored skin. It appears to be larger sized than that of a typical grey alien. Perhaps more information will be revealed about this oddball alien in a graveyard. Another alien was seen in a graveyard also. Read about this here.

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