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Strange Disease Leaves Filipino Man With Enormous Swollen Head

It is a very unusual thing to happen but unfortunately one man from the Philippines, was left with a swollen face that was three times the normal size of a person. His mysterious illness crept up on him over time. Three years ago, 56-year-old Romulo Pilapil began to suffer from severe itching in his eyes

Tattooed Fish Turns Up In The Philippines

When fisherman Lopez Jaena from Mindanao, Philippines caught this unusual fish, it quickly made the news. The blue marlin fish, weighed in at nearly 53 pounds. What was unusual about this particular fish, were the markings covering it. It seems that instead of this being some sort of alien fish, it was a fish that

Roadside Ghost Boy Captured By Dashcam

Initially appearing as blob alongside of the road in the distance, those passing by that day couldn’t believe what they had just witnessed. After doing a double take, people driving through the Philippines noticed something by the road. One of their names is Myrtle. After talking, they said it was a boy. When they played

Shadow Person Passes Through Cars On Camera

What happened in the Philippines during the month of June, has people wondering if this is nothing but CGI or an actual supernatural entity captured on camera. The scene looks like something from a movie, as a shadowy figure can be seen wandering across the street. As this shadow person moves across the street, they

Balloon Floats Over Towards Crying Mourning Mother

Don’t believe in the afterlife? Perhaps this video will change your mind. Seen in this heartwarming and tear jerking moment, is something quite incredible. A mother from the Philippines, cries inconsolably after losing her son. Suddenly, a white balloon floats over from his coffin seemingly to comfort her. This is one of the most extraordinary