Shadow Person Passes Through Cars On Camera

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What happened in the Philippines during the month of June, has people wondering if this is nothing but CGI or an actual supernatural entity captured on camera. The scene looks like something from a movie, as a shadowy figure can be seen wandering across the street. As this shadow person moves across the street, they appear to pass right through passing cars completely unscathed.

The area where this camera is setup, is located within the province of Pangasinan. Where the exact city is believed to be isn’t known yet. The street does appear to have a number of stores nearby and does appear to be a highly trafficked area however.

shadow person ghost walks through traffic Phillipines

This dark looking figure, seems to materialize almost out of nowhere alongside of a sidewalk area. It then proceeds to step out in front of moving traffic. Mere moments later, vehicles can be seen passing right through this dark shadowy person. A truck seen, passes right past this mysterious entity.

One would think if camera 3 could detect this, then someone there on that day…might have noticed this and began recording it with their phone as well. It seems that nobody was able to notice this shadowy person, who was nearby that day.

So far, this is the only known video of this to exist. Maybe someone else out there has captured another video of this thing. Seen not long after in the video, the figure continues walking before inevitably dissipating into thin air, much like a ghost.

Ghost Walks Through Traffic

As news of this video leaked online, people have commented saying this was some kind of vengeful spirit. Perhaps it was on its way to finish business with someone or something else entirely. It really is an unusual video and is skeptical to believe it is for real. Like anything such as this, it is difficult to known or judge too quickly until more is learned about it.

Those who are skeptical, more than likely would agree this is nothing but a special effect of some kind. Although equally strange, maybe the camera itself malfunctioned creating what was recorded.

Still though, many have pondered about there being shadow people. They have been seen both indoors and outdoors. What they really are or what their purpose is, still remains unanswered. No doubt, they appear for a reason to selected individuals. Are they comparable to the grim reaper? They could possibly be angels of death sent to ascend the living into the afterlife.

(Source: Coast To Coast)

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